Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2009

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2009

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Main631 The GSD must SPLIT away from The Alsation!
Main532 O/T Political Rants & Raves
Main391 Pedigree Dogs Exposed Filmmaker Releases Extended Footage of German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog280 KENNEL CLUB SUSPEND ALLOCATION OF GSD CC's for 2012
Main237 OT - "Is Barack Obama Crazy?" continued.........
German Shepherd Dog234 Panda Shepherd(what do you think?)
Main225 GRAPHIC Help Save Amanda Canyon Life ! /Houserhaus, Lorenzo Williams GRAPHIC !!!
Main224 working VS Show
German Shepherd Dog217 Looking for info on Pohranicni Stranze
Main196 Breed Standard Changes in UK (GSD and non-GSD)
German Shepherd Dog195 Post the best portraits of your dogs
Main190 Please help - vote for #8 Jaxson
Main185 I'm Bored - Anyone got any funny stories to tell?
Main179 Another Breeder/Importers Dog coming into Rescue
Main170 Why Do People Breed GSD's W No Titles And KkLs????
Main166 Must of been a DREAM..Nightmare actually
Main165 PLEASE READ!!!
Main160 TIEKERHOOK breedings in the USA????
Main156 Got yourself an aloof GSD? Its your own fault
Main152 Shelley and the GSD Underground Railway
Main150 Inges vom Rauber Hotzenplotz attacks new owner
Main150 OT Sorry to bother you Sir,
German Shepherd Dog149 West Yorks Ch. Show Results
Main148 Homeward Bound
Main144 Shelley and the GSD Underground Railroad #2
Main144 Show and Working Lines, 2 separate breeds
Main143 In Search of Black
German Shepherd Dog143 Who will win?
German Shepherd Dog140 Dear webmaster - please delete this thread - topic
Main139 OT The new "black" is "socialism"
Main137 Schutzhund USA proposed bylaw Change
Main136 Calling you out.....Let's see some video
German Shepherd Dog132 IS THIS STUD DOG JRD TESTED ????????.
German Shepherd Dog132 Dogs That Catch Your Eye
Main131 OT-Horse Slaughter
Main131 (OT) American Soldier Honored
Main128 Look GARD, it's a real dog!!!
Main128 LOST! Help Needed IMMEDIATELY Junction City Kansas area PLEASE READ
German Shepherd Dog126 Is it not possible to have an intelligent, fact based discussion ...........
Main125 2009 USA Nationals
Main122 Working line can work????
Main121 I Hope This Isn't True -- It Sickened Me !!!
German Shepherd Dog120 The most extreme?
Main120 How much would you pay?
Main119 Leerburgs most wanted list
Main117 BUYER BEWARE-- Tips for Newbies Searching for a GSD
Main115 ethical breeding
Main113 Working Line GSD Is there a difference in breeding? sport vs. work
Main113 German shepherds overheat in car, die
Main113 Shiloh Dogs(beware you may not like this) Dont read if your not happy with your life.
Main111 South of Scotland GSD & ABTC Champ Show
Main111 Your dogs are too fat !!!!
Main110 WUSV World Championships (RESULTS)
Main110 Complaint's anyone ???
Main109 dogs bred for looks lose mental bite
German Shepherd Dog108 GSD Mix???
Main107 Wanted ! 30 inch at withers male or Female
Main107 Who are our new USA Sieger + Siegerin?
German Shepherd Dog106 Should all UK GSD judges be licensed ?
Main106 Swine flu
Main105 My Black Pups.
Main105 The Unwanted
Main104 Amanda & Adrie lets find the truth
Main103 What is for you a "REAL" dog ? Wants to hear opinions from those who talk about Inges!!
Main103 ITS MY KEIZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Main103 Schäferhundverein RSV2000 e.V. is member of VDH (FCI)
Main102 Speechless
Main100 The vet tore apart my dog!
German Shepherd Dog99 What is the advantage to have an oversize German Shepherd....
Main99 OT- Bored, Funny Stories....
Main98 Opinions on this Pup, Please
Main97 Victoria Driggs Gold-Berg Shepherds is now Vom Berlin
Main97 RIP K9 "Blek"
Main95 Changing My Order
Main95 Suggestions on Working lines
Main94 Liver sables anyone?
Main94 USA bylaw change
Main93 Vacation
Main93 Bosen Kinder Hundesport Trial & Seminar
Main93 OT - Swine flu in USA, New Zealand, Canada and France
Main92 are they for real??
German Shepherd Dog92 If someone breeds American Show Types...
Main92 Your week in 3 words
Main92 I apologize!
Main91 Time to Ban Raymond from this Forum
German Shepherd Dog91 So, what's it's going to be for the GSD forum...............
Main91 Are Belgian Malinois replacing German shepherds?
Main90 Options for registered users.
German Shepherd Dog90 For Muslim GSD owners/breeders (THREAD ENDED)
Main90 Need to find a breeder I can trust as an inexperienced semi-newbie
Main88 My Final Thoughts on USA By-law Change
Main88 Police dogs bit power station protesters
German Shepherd Dog88 “OUR BREEDS FUTURE IN OUR HANDS” (UK) article now on website
German Shepherd Dog88 Most reputable GSD breeders within 200 miles of Chicago, IL

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