Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2006

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2006

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Main262 American x West German showline crosses?
Main228 Shiloh Shepherds...Warlock/King Dobermans
Main138 What is a King Shepherd
Main137 USA BOI findings
Main112 Kraftwerk K9 kennel
Main105 Kennels I Have not Been Screwed By
Main99 Indi's post name edited
Main96 IAMS Dogfoods - PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!!
Main93 VA 1(DK) Karat`s Ulko have lost his title
Main91 How do you price you working line puppies?
Main90 The Best Dog Food of All
Main85 What would you change?
Main82 Good news? SV soon to be splitted!
Main81 Why buy the entire litter?
Main78 Working Stud dogs
Main78 Quite Disturbed... does this happen often ?
Main76 Trainer nearly Killed my dog
Main75 Thoughts on cofirmation and working line studs
Main75 BSZS bitework helpers
Main74 I am sorry for MY Bad Language and Behavior
Main70 Breeding without Hip Certificiation
Main70 Breeding/training goals
Main68 Successful Working Line Breeders
Main67 Best Dry Dog Food
Main67 How would you improve the GSD of today?
Main65 Degenerative Myelopathy Symptoms
Main65 Thyroid & Hair Loss
Main65 mom eating pups
Main64 What is the definition of American Bred?
Main60 Ring Sport
Main60 Chinese Dogs in German Sieger Show
Main59 schIII/police dog
Main58 The Evolution Of The Topline In The GSD
Main57 Working is working and show is show
Main56 Breeding "Fast Normal" or OFA Fair Hips
Main56 Liver and Blue German Shepherds
Main56 Exhorbent prices
Main56 Who would you like to see give a seminar?
Main55 stud fees
Main54 mittelwest kennels
Main54 Strengthen Showline Genetics with Working Lines?
Main54 Chinese county clubs to death 50,000 dogs
Main54 Stud dog production in the US???
Main52 Top Breeder Ethics - Reply to Wienerau
Main52 another video
Main52 Middle of the road dog? See what u think?
Main52 Breeding Question
Main51 Old VA's vs New VA's
Main51 SAR
Main51 triodegirl
Main50 Queen of the Hop Pedigree Data Base
Main50 Dog Turns On Owner
Main50 The real dogs
Main48 Moderators?
Main48 Help Needed - Cincinnati GSD Rescue
Main48 Service Dog advice
Main48 PLEASE HELP ME -bitch ate 3 pups
Main46 Dysplasia ????????
Main46 Biting puppies
Main46 Nationals
Main45 Giardia problems please Help.
Main45 Epilepsy from German bred sires
Main45 another broken hearted ajaye client
Main44 What would you do?
Main44 Cant a Good dog (Show line) be Sable?
Main43 Database Greatest Hits.......
Main43 long haired GSD's
Main42 Calling pups a male or female
Main42 Helpers in America
Main41 Why Do They Do It ?
Main41 Tas ze Slunecne Zahrady Is Home Now
Main41 Kennel Recommendations
Main41 White German shepherds
Main41 How many dogs live in your house?
Main40 Looking for a stud dog in Ohio area
Main40 stick hits continued
Main40 Newbie ? on Sieger
Main40 Working dog breeders now breeding show lines???
Main40 Stud of the database
Main40 Results BSZS (in moment)
Main39 customs clearance charges
Main38 Pancreatic Insufficiency
Main38 Internet Sales
Main38 1 Year Old Dies of Parvo
Main38 Kraftwerk K9 kennel
Main37 Any dog psychologists in the house?
Main37 Haus Gero Kennel
Main37 Problem with Spoiled Brat Puppy
Main37 Homeowners Insurance
Main37 Friendship Respect and Courtesy
Main36 Biting
Main36 Not easy raising a puppy!
Main36 Who is responsible?
Main36 What did she do to the puppy?
Main36 Keep an eye on the puppies you sell!
Main35 Opinions of top stud males on the East Coast
Main35 Dog Allergies

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