Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2003

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2003

ForumReplies Thread
Main51 A "De-Barked" Dog???
Main49 Sieger Show - Results first day -Courage test
Main39 Dr Raiser
Main35 Show Handlers
Main33 Raw Diet
Main30 Breeding untitled dogs
Main29 Information re tdifferences in advertising.
Main28 Poor Urma Book sales
Main27 A Poll Question to Eliminate Trolls
Main26 Cost of Show puppies: Buy from Germans or US?
Main22 AKC, "to better the breed", and financial worth...
Main22 To the person who see's fit...
Main21 PANO? Common in German Shepherds?
Main20 i need help ,my dog has not erected ears!!!!!!!!!
Main18 Janis
Main18 Impressions of the Sieger Show
Main17 how important is a dental notation?
Main14 SV A-Stamp program
Main14 Licensing helpers and trainers
Main14 WUSV teams: Who are the real trainers?
Main13 Very high drive dog biting its own tail
Main13 Has a Black Shepherd ever gone VA?
Main12 Rikkor Bad-Boll's story... ?
Main11 Mink v Haus Wittfeld Sch3 FH
Main10 Sources for conformation show collars?
Main8 Training Advice
Main8 SV judge Wilhelm Scheld - breeder????
Main7 2003 sieger show
Main7 Is this some kind of joke?!?!
Main7 Help with ears
Main7 Herding Titles
Main6 Soft Ears! Help!
Main5 Herding
Main4 Fading puppy syndrom
Main3 Two bloodlines?
Main3 Ulm, Germany Sieger Show
Main2 Hey, Janis, re: Reproductive Issue
Main2 Novak Kennels? Janice is this your kennel?
Main1 Top Bloodline excluding the ursus line
Main1 buying an import.
Main1 Trainer
Main1 genEthics
Main1 NASS
Main1 Since we're talking about color...
Main1 looking for a breeder
Main1 Wildmarkens Kennel
Main1 Shipping questions/problem
Main1 WDA NASS Registration problem solution
Main1 farewell for now
Main1 Bull Sticks
Main0 Waving at Keith and Kougar

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