Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2016

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2016

ForumReplies Thread
Training and Obedience405 Sportism
Sport/working Enthusiasts337 Bitework Question: How should trainer progress.
Main321 If you had a Magic Wand....
233 WGWL
Training and Obedience230 Can someone explain me what this master trainer and master decoy are doing ??
Sport/working Enthusiasts201 Defense
200 Serious hard GSD
Main197 Puppy aggression
Sport/working Enthusiasts195 Be honest : Is this your dog?
Main163 Any one knows of a Vet in NYC ( five boroughs and a bit beyond ) that sees WL dogs?
Main162 Just Curious, Where the ASL people at
German Shepherd Dog161 German Shepherd Bloodlines
Main157 Letter from Dr. Heinrich of the WUSV
Main146 What is a Gansta Dog?
Training and Obedience142 Training ERROR or just a good dog
Conformation Showing130 Sable puppy showing in AKC
Main128 Aggressive Puppy
Sport/working Enthusiasts120 What do we miss about the older bloodlines?
Main111 Poor Old Pregnant Bitch For Sale
German Shepherd Dog110 Wolf trotting
German Shepherd Dog108 My boy isnt walking (X-rays inside)
German Shepherd Dog103 When Line Breeding Where Do you Cross The Line:
Sport/working Enthusiasts99 Intending to get a pup from this dog: Any view points?
German Shepherd Dog92 2016 SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Nuremberg video
German Shepherd Dog90 So you have a real protection dog in your kennel ???
Sport/working Enthusiasts90 Difference between....
German Shepherd Dog89 Character of the German Shepherd Dog
85 Looking for Hodie(An old member here i learnt few important things from)
Main85 Protect your dogs from police and trespassers
German Shepherd Dog85 Crufts 2016
Main80 hanging out in the back yard
Training and Obedience72 Just having fun with the puppy
Main72 Food Aggression Prevention.
Main69 Front angulations
Main68 Malware?
Main66 Removing a dog from a house.
Main65 Raising 12 Day Old Puppies
Main65 Frost Kennels--Bob Frost
German Shepherd Dog65 2016 WUSV Universalsiegerwettbewerb in Paderborn
Main65 Humanizing our Dogs
Main64 Buying dogs from Europe
Main62 SV á'Stamp Program Has A Problem
Training and Obedience62 my dog failing at equipment test, yep posting a fail.
Main59 Pedigree
Main58 Let's Meet the Lurkers
Sport/working Enthusiasts58 Lucas Vrtovske Doliny
Sport/working Enthusiasts57 Personal Protection Dog Not Sport Dog
Main57 Pick your brains... 6 month old won't go after "dead" prey
Sport/working Enthusiasts55 Dogs that are difficult to manage: what is it like, whats your experience?
Sport/working Enthusiasts55 A man's dog: An old school A #$ hole.
Main54 Ban On E-Collars.
Main54 Detection Dogs ... the need exceeds supply
German Shepherd Dog53 The "Judges Committment Declaration for Conformation Judges BSZS"
Main52 title
German Shepherd Dog52 SchH titled, American bred GSDs of the 70s, 80s, 90s – questions and a list
Scams / Ripoff reports48 alexander dimitrov from bulgaria is a crook
Training and Obedience48 IPO Training Order
Main47 looking for a family dog preferably long coat
Scams / Ripoff reports47 David Cavaez Texas EDITED BY ADMIN David stepped up and resolved this issue.
Main47 Is it true?
German Shepherd Dog46 How to deal with weak pasterns?
Main45 Vet check question, during a vet visit should the vet pull a 3 month pups legs back to check hips
German Shepherd Dog44 Elbow open
Sport/working Enthusiasts44 Blind search exercise comment - reposted
Main44 Dominant puppies
Sport/working Enthusiasts43 Environmental / Civil Training.
Training and Obedience43 training a badass dog
German Shepherd Dog42 check out this DOG !
Main41 Can an ADMIN please post about pedigree locking...getting hate mail.
Main41 What non GSD problems can mask as DM?
Main41 Pup from Vom Banach
Main41 Professional photo shoot
Training and Obedience41 Lunging and growling at strangers - 4 Month Old puppy!
Scams / Ripoff reports41 Trainer that breeds your dog without your permission
Main41 Canine Intelligence: Whats your story?
40 Is a healthy bred to standard red and black shepherd as elusive as a unicorn?
German Shepherd Dog40 Words of Wisdom
Main39 whats your take
Main39 Dogs raised together
German Shepherd Dog39 Comparing show and Working line prices
Main39 Growths/Tumors on Dogs
German Shepherd Dog38 Judging, Judges and the GSD
Main38 Information regarding a pedigree and kennel
Training and Obedience38 Chi Chi z AlpineK9 videos of development pp dog
German Shepherd Dog38 Aggression, Hard Dogs and thoughts out loud
Sport/working Enthusiasts37 1st Muzzle session
Main36 WANT TO REPORT AD HERE ( Moderator edit to title)
Main35 Please help! My GSD may be pregnant after first litter...
Main35 Bad nerves
Main35 32 Days After Start of Heat - What Could This Be?
Main34 Need some help urgent!!!!
German Shepherd Dog34 Question about an experience I'm having with picking a puppy
Main34 dna test no longer on ofa
Main34 What could her coloring be?
Sport/working Enthusiasts33 Reading a dog: What does this mean?
33 Long coat GSD
Main33 Tail Hair
Scams / Ripoff reports32 WARNING! Beware of sending money to Melissa Horn in France to purchase a dog

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