Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2012

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2012

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German Shepherd Dog532 Czech GSD's with bad hips
German Shepherd Dog326 Hock walker?
Main303 Keeping Your Dog Safe from Law Enforcement
German Shepherd Dog288 Who Do You Trust
German Shepherd Dog254 If the Capt. was alive today
German Shepherd Dog242 and the truth shall prevail.........
German Shepherd Dog231 9 Month Old GSD with Weak Hindlegs
German Shepherd Dog209 List the TEN top breeders. From people with character and good standing on this forum.
German Shepherd Dog205 WL + SL = BL???
German Shepherd Dog189 GSDCA-WDA BYLAW Change Proposal
German Shepherd Dog188 Milo's Necropsy Report
German Shepherd Dog182 Chocolate GSDs....sigh
Sport/working Enthusiasts180 DDR, Czech and West Germany working bloodline
Main174 Teed off at Rescues!!!! GRRRR
German Shepherd Dog173 Is Tom van't Leefdaalhof the next Troll/Timmy in sport world?
Main172 USA or WDA? Breed Dynamics In The US
Main163 Home with Beau
Main162 Dog shot by police, her only crime was being old
German Shepherd Dog162 What does a straight back gsd and roach back dog look like
German Shepherd Dog159 DM Death Statistics in the GSD among the PDB members
German Shepherd Dog159 BUYING A DOG TO BIRGIT HALL
German Shepherd Dog158 Experiences from breeding showlines with working lines
German Shepherd Dog154 WARNING Bob Kress of Bleuhaus Kennels is a CROOK!!!!
German Shepherd Dog153 My Heart is Breaking
Main150 Fresh Dog Bite Pix
German Shepherd Dog149 Anyone know anything about the new owner of Bomber Vom Wolfsheim?
Main149 Curious why so many embrace the DM DNA test?
Main147 A discussion on kennel blindness
German Shepherd Dog142 SV website announcement Team Marlboro Jaguar
Sport/working Enthusiasts142 Schutzhund and only schutzhund?
Main141 Timothy Helser in the RAW!! Here I am speaking my mind for once and for all!!!
Conformation Showing134 14 month old American girl
German Shepherd Dog132 My Dogs Did Not Come To My Aid :(
German Shepherd Dog128 Forming a Pedigreedatabase Rescue Volunteer Force: PLEASE READ!
Main126 Trainer in OH advise please
German Shepherd Dog125 What do you think of this dog?
German Shepherd Dog124 do you believe yr east/czech peds
German Shepherd Dog120 Refunds- yes or no and when and what if??
German Shepherd Dog118 A Noob's Guide/Journey to a Personal Protection GSD
German Shepherd Dog118 what do u think about cow hocks
German Shepherd Dog117 Epilepsy - Meerdyke Machk's short life
Conformation Showing115 Mr. Donald asked me a difficult question
Main114 i have a question how do u know a great breeder or a bad breeder
German Shepherd Dog112 Roach Back vs Straight Back - show
German Shepherd Dog108 The Sorrow of DM and other inheritable diseases
Main107 Female handlers weakening the breed?!?
German Shepherd Dog105 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT re Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
German Shepherd Dog104 Looking for a European German Shepherd excellant breeder. Bullinger Shepherds?
German Shepherd Dog104 Need Help-Desperate Situation for Members of Dog Training/Schutzhund Community
103 Bad breeders
German Shepherd Dog103 Schutzhund Dog and Personal Protection Dog
Main103 Female handlers ruining the breed -- my rebuttal.
Main103 Open Beta - New face-lift for
German Shepherd Dog102 Best breeding dogs don't win big events
German Shepherd Dog101 Will your working line GSD protect you
German Shepherd Dog100 How do I raise a confident dog
German Shepherd Dog99 Adelhaus GSD screwing people, not giving AKC papers !
German Shepherd Dog99 6 Month Old--Weak Rear
German Shepherd Dog99 Lets have some Dignified Pictures
German Shepherd Dog98 Please Pray for my Female and babies (COPPERHEAD BITES)
German Shepherd Dog98 DM Tested Studs?
German Shepherd Dog98 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
German Shepherd Dog97 Unhappy customers mittlewest
Newcomers95 Breeding opinion
Main93 new layout PDB
German Shepherd Dog92 Thanks Jen!
German Shepherd Dog92 So your dog is not perfect?
German Shepherd Dog92 **Schutzhund 3 Champion Fighting for Her Life--Please Read & Help if You Can!!
German Shepherd Dog90 Interesting SL/WL cross. What do youo like or dislike about the cross
Main90 Speaking of shit floating to the top-
Main88 Brindle German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog88 Be Still, My Heart!!!
German Shepherd Dog88 DM clear vs carrier
Main86 12 y/o with Pyo
German Shepherd Dog86 3rd SV Website Announcement
German Shepherd Dog86 Shipping from Europe problem. Need advise
German Shepherd Dog86 where do i even start?
German Shepherd Dog85 GSD 7 weeks "pregnant" and not showing.
German Shepherd Dog84 Almost 2 years and no AKC Papers
Conformation Showing83 Pictures of your dogs gaiting!
German Shepherd Dog82 Should a male dog with a food allergy be used to stud?
German Shepherd Dog82 German Shepherd/Wolf-Shepherd breeding
German Shepherd Dog82 Critique my dog please
German Shepherd Dog81 share your GSD pics love to see them
German Shepherd Dog79 Are you happy with your GSD? Tell us plz
German Shepherd Dog79 Opinion on Schutzhund prospect..
German Shepherd Dog79 Are health clearances necessary before breeding?
German Shepherd Dog79 My pups' pedigree, and her lack of nerve?
German Shepherd Dog78 Crate unhealthy for a dogs for their behavior
German Shepherd Dog77 First pick in the litter cost $10,000 US dollars
Rescues77 Need Help Homing a 3yr old male
German Shepherd Dog76 Sport where they use their brain, not all braun?
Sport/working Enthusiasts76 Lets see some pics of our working line dogs.. PART 2..
German Shepherd Dog75 Until we Get Rescue Forum: Please Post GSDS Needing Rescue Here
Main75 Those of you still with problems.
German Shepherd Dog74 Videos about SV BSZS-2012 in Ulm
Rescues74 Beautiful sable female in Gastonia NC kill shelter!!! She has 4 days to get out!
Main73 Where does the buck stop!

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