Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2008

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2008

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Main501 Breed Improvement Suggestions for the UK GSD Breed Council
Main346 Sarah Palin on SNL tonight
Main285 OT: US politics talk - who are you voting for and why?
Main283 2008 Master World Schutzhund Tornament
Main263 OT - 'BAMA wins US presidential election
Main228 OT: McCain Running Mate: Ringer or Not?
Main214 Do Not Read If Politics Bothers You Here On This Site
Main206 Looking for spayed female companion/guard for 87 yr. old great grandma
Main197 Biggest threat to the GSD breed in the USA
Main191 Time to Enforce the Rules for the USA Sieger Show
Main186 The Bottleneck of the Century - Only one bloodline left!
Main179 AltOstland
Main170 Obama the Socialist
Main169 2008 USA Sieger Show
Main164 Buy Tramadol
Main164 OT: The "O" factor: The most powerful person in the US
Main142 I guess I'm in for it now.....
Main142 HELP with AKC
Main141 Why do they breed them like this?
Main139 BBC Dropping Crufts?; tv documentary tonight
Main137 Dishonest site:
Main136 Dog bite at the schutzhund club.
Main135 Olex de Valsory puppy wanted
Main133 Impeding a Club Trial
Main128 UK Show Scene - Is it time for change?
Main128 The Obama Youth - Civilian National Security Force
Main126 is this good or bad
Main125 Whelping NOW, LIVE WEBCAM
Main124 Stud Dog for Gabi
Main122 OT - How things really work in the USA
Main122 Does anyone no how INGODDS ALBERTS bitework?
Main121 Forum moderation
Main117 SV to Reinstate Long Coats in 2010
Main117 So Ironic---Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money
Main116 any pics from the usa sieger show in san jose?
Main110 GREAT NEWS! DNA Test for Degenerative Myelopathy
Main110 How can I find out if these dogs are priced right? Opinions please.
Main109 Help: Aggression.
Main109 Pics of owners!
Main108 Why some people shouldnt own dogs or let alone breed them
Main108 What are my girls physical flaws and strengths
Main108 The Beauceron from Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 08
Main107 Toplines
Main107 US Election.
Main105 Training with force?
Main104 Results for Sieger Show in San Jose?
Main101 American Bred GSD Hatemail...
Main101 Gone But Not Forgotten
Main99 Put up or shut up (callin ya'll out)
Main99 ? from a newbie poster
Main98 Puppy Throwing in Iraq-American style
Main98 Old Pedigrees---UK
Main97 Universal Sieger---Again/ Best Wishes to Karen & Ule
Main97 OT - Is there a citizen backlash coming for congress passing 700 Billion $ Bailout?
Main97 Share your veterinary nightmares---or why I hate vets!
Main97 Puppy Contracts, 50% discount for replacement?
Main97 Looking for a great "B" name for a female working dog
Main95 PEDIGREE's of WELL know GSD's that carry the blue and liver gene
Main94 The Early German Shepherd
Main94 Why Do we Own Guns? OT
Main94 Please vote for BEN
Main94 HOLY SHIT!!!
Main94 $12-$15 Per gallon Gas predicted. How will it effect you?
Main91 Kraftwerk / Wayne Curry
Main90 OT-McCain angrily Condemns POW/MIA Families
Main87 Photos of Sables requested, clarification of "black sable" vs. "red sable" etc
Main87 Where is everone from???
Main87 Does Pannus run in the Eichenluft dogs?
Main87 I urge all SHOWLINE owners to take alook at this video!
Main85 the Panda Shepherd: an observation in Genetics
Main85 Police shoot Mayor's Dogs - Outragous!!
Main84 Showing German at an Ameraican Show
Main82 go on be brave!!!
Main82 Prayers please
Main82 American showline dogs posting here. Why?
Main82 Palin and aerial shooting of Wolves
Main82 GSDs are our favorite, but what is everyone's 2nd favorite breed?
Main82 Agression with E-Collar
Main81 OT - protest the bailout
Main80 2 Day Show Results ???
Main80 Breeder Won't Give Deposit Back
Main80 User Comments
Main77 PET PEEVE" HOW to spell : S E P A R A T E
Main77 AWDF scores or flight info?
Main76 World Updates
Main76 Stance on Muslims
Main76 rules to help us get along
Main76 Breed Standard re. gait
Main76 We all do it, but will you admit it?
Main75 This is how you sell!
Main75 Czech GSD'S ?
Main74 Anyone have any unique or cool F names?
Main74 Table Training
Main74 Socks' threads

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