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German Shepherd Dog253 Is titling / breed surveying a GSD really useless?
Sport/working Enthusiasts154 Just another Sport Dog
Training and Obedience137 Line fishing with one of my dogs
Main124 Mastiff Type Heads in the GSD
Conformation Showing119 USCA Sieger Show
Sport/working Enthusiasts104 Dominance from a Young Age ( 8 weeks old )
Main101 GSD growth, nutrition and exercise type ( free roam or willful ); What's your observations?
Sport/working Enthusiasts98 List GSD practise/training day KNPV 8-4-2017
Sport/working Enthusiasts95 IPO vs "Real Dog"
German Shepherd Dog95 Max would Cry
Sport/working Enthusiasts92 Do you think he will bite for real?
Main87 Choosing a pup/green dog..
Conformation Showing78 RUMOR has it! Westminster Best in Show is a GSD
Main74 Guarding her Go Bone
Main69 Coco
Main66 Pup with broken tail, nervous temperament and not long haired.
Main62 Where is your dog in your family hierarchy and why?
Main59 My Ugly, Driveless, Nervebag
Sport/working Enthusiasts59 I Want Beauty He Wants a Beast
German Shepherd Dog56 The New Girl
German Shepherd Dog52 Straight Backed GSD List
Sport/working Enthusiasts51 Civil Aggression
Main49 what colours will my pups be
Sport/working Enthusiasts46 Realistic time frame for titling a dog
German Shepherd Dog46 Just clarify
Main45 Oldschool GSD showlines known for working ability?
Sport/working Enthusiasts42 Thoughts on KNPV PH1 Ody
Main42 Rage Syndrome in a German Shepherd Dog?
Sport/working Enthusiasts42 Views of differences in Guarding
Main41 GSD With White Shepherd Parents - Question For Mods
Main40 Bizarre dog fraud case
Training and Obedience39 Training: What is in hand
Main39 Goodbye, Bosco.
German Shepherd Dog36 Blue Bay Shepherds
Main35 Our Beautiful Little Beast Has Arrived
Main35 You want to buy a pup because you want to excel in IPO, agility, show, or something else?
Main34 Video of Bill Kulla and the GSD Breed
Training and Obedience34 Active helper versus passive helper
Main33 Moderators changing pedigrees
Main33 DDR Fans
Sport/working Enthusiasts33 WL or SL for me?
German Shepherd Dog32 Franken Dogs
German Shepherd Dog32 Understanding pedigrees
32 Being slandered by kiesgsd
Main31 GSD with ulcer or hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (poo pic in post)
Scams / Ripoff reports30 Ivon Yankov is a thief
Main30 Can anyone identify this dog?
Main30 Cesar Milan with a territory ( agressive) GSD
Main29 Thoughts on this 11 month old female
German Shepherd Dog29 When line breeding . . .
Main28 New Stud Dog Search
Main27 my dog gets a 100 in C-phase, certified.
Main27 What colour should I expect from a solid black male Margman Yes and a sable female Roxy von Sofanga?
Main27 Runty or Dwarf?
German Shepherd Dog27 Authenticity of the pup
Main26 level of inbreeding allowed by AKC
Main25 The newest tiny...
Main25 GSD rescued - advice needed
Main25 Can Someone Please Tell Me is this a Sable or a Saddleback??
German Shepherd Dog24 New addition!
Main24 DM through lineage
Main24 How many DDR peds are there?
Main23 Your GSD's temperament around other dogs and people
Main23 HELP. Dog drinking too much water
Conformation Showing23 Crufts
Main22 German Shepherd Males Reaching Maturity
Main22 Searching for a certain type of Bandog
Main21 KNPV Malinois Males
German Shepherd Dog21 History of epilepsy in pedigree
Sport/working Enthusiasts21 @ Koach Bomber vom Wolfsheim son in KNPV
Main21 Total Newbie ---- Would love advice on looking for a German Shepherd Puppy
German Shepherd Dog20 Help with German color translation
Main20 Crazy training GSD be carefull wich people you sell your dog/puppy
Sport/working Enthusiasts20 Leon Staatsmacht produce well in KNPV
Main19 How old this puppy roughly ?
Main19 @ Duke interessant artikel
Belgian Malinois19 Question
Training and Obedience18 Titling a dog overseas
German Shepherd Dog18 Looking for a GSD stud
Sport/working Enthusiasts18 Chewey on sleeve
Main17 BYB Working line or ASL?
German Shepherd Dog17 Hello all, Newbie to the Pedigree Database Community and reaching out for GSD feedback.
Rottweiler17 wanting to buy a puppy
Main17 Who is eligible to speak authoritatively about the GSD?
Main17 Diet for struvite crystals
Main17 Looking for info about a breeder and thoughts about a breeding
German Shepherd Dog16 Ding dong WDA is gone!
Main16 GSDCA - USA Combined Qualification Trial
Belgian Malinois16 gay tail,
Main16 straight back/roach debate-need some clarity please
Main16 Tick season blues
Main16 Questions About Spay Because of Pyometra
Main16 Ticks
Main16 Parvo vaccinations/lepo/socialization timeline advice please
Sport/working Enthusiasts15 Thoughts on this breeding
Training and Obedience15 Training and development - very interesting !
Main15 Motherline Lubeck mahlermeister .....have showlines
Main14 Back muscles
Main14 Waiting for my Go Bone ( Robotic dog toy )
German Shepherd Dog14 BLOAT

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