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ForumReplies Thread
German Shepherd Dog306 Workinglines vs Showlines
German Shepherd Dog281 Who Owns or Has owned a WL X SL Cross .. facts not opinions
German Shepherd Dog210 For Those Who Test For DM, What Age?
German Shepherd Dog190 Czech pedigree define???
Sport/working Enthusiasts160 starting leg work
German Shepherd Dog159 Questions Re. Structure and Jumping
Main152 this is why the show world should be illegal
German Shepherd Dog132 Drive in Showline GSDs
German Shepherd Dog123 question
Beta Page119 Opinions on new site.
Main112 What's your favorite dog food?
Main105 Pedigrees locked - how to unlock them.
German Shepherd Dog104 reversed mask
German Shepherd Dog101 Please show me your straight backed GSL stacked and in motion!!
German Shepherd Dog99 Working line cross
Main94 What would you do?
Sport/working Enthusiasts85 What will an IPO/Schutzund dog if the Sleeve is taken out of the picture?
Main83 Best age to seperate
German Shepherd Dog79 Degenerative myelopathy
German Shepherd Dog72 Universal Sieger
German Shepherd Dog71 What would your GSD Do if A stranger Entered Your Yard Unnanounced?
German Shepherd Dog71 Size Development Of The GSD
Main70 RANT ALERT sorry but I
Main69 Definition of pet vs. working
Main64 Whelping Problem!
Main64 east european shepherd/russian shepherd breed??
Main63 Justice for Geist .. website for dog killed in his own back yard by cops
Sport/working Enthusiasts61 Police Body Cam Video K9 bites suspect in face ...............
Sport/working Enthusiasts57 Distinguishing between " too much dog " , and bad temparament
Main56 Plea For Help
Sport/working Enthusiasts55 passive decoy engagement test
Main54 The SV no longer releasing Judges to the WDA
German Shepherd Dog53 Questionable titles
Main52 Just shaking my head....
Main51 Can your dogs do that ?
Newcomers51 Ok, new here, interesting question/situation
German Shepherd Dog50 Pack Of German Shepherd Dogs Running Free
Main50 What would YOU do?? Import with heartworms?
German Shepherd Dog49 don t count out the showlines
Main47 Nature or Nurture ?
German Shepherd Dog47 Female GSD's.. Who do you like??
German Shepherd Dog46 german shepherd not walking all of sudden
Conformation Showing46 Ibrahim...check this out
Main45 Looking for a Weimaraner
Main43 I believe I can fly
German Shepherd Dog42 Do Long Haired WLs exist?
Main42 Got my bicolor Capri grandkid! :)
Sport/working Enthusiasts41 Proposed IPO rule changes
Main41 6 Week old Aria & Boy & Beauty & Dallas Pups
Sport/working Enthusiasts40 GSD workingline Studs that most consistantly produce HIGH DRIVE offspring in U,S.A
German Shepherd Dog40 Wobble/hocks
Sport/working Enthusiasts40 Point Dogs
German Shepherd Dog39 What up and coming dogs are you watching and why?
German Shepherd Dog38 Gorgeous Photo!
Sport/working Enthusiasts37 decoying your own dog in defence?
German Shepherd Dog37 Wyn Strickland and other GSD legends
Main37 Anyone Ever Heard of Pyometra in a Bitch @ 10 months?
Main37 WILL my dog 'kick ass' for real?
Main36 Anyone feed Fromm? Too rich for GSD's?
Sport/working Enthusiasts36 What OFF breeds have you seen doing IPO
German Shepherd Dog36 Dogless.
Main36 Just to give a small explanation to the new change
German Shepherd Dog36 GSD back legs
Main35 Here we go again, RIP Zane.
Belgian Malinois35 Puppy is GSD or Belgian Malinois?
Main34 Eureka vs K-9 Kraving
Sport/working Enthusiasts34 Efa Stastena a working Slovak female any insites about her pedigree ?
Main34 Veronika von der Prinzenbruecke
Sport/working Enthusiasts32 Bad Week for WDA
Sport/working Enthusiasts32 Positive Sport Training
German Shepherd Dog32 Fiesty Young Girl
Newcomers32 How to register a GSD / Mal Mix litter
Sport/working Enthusiasts32 Eve Von Mountainlake IPO 1!!!!
Main32 Michael Ellis Video showing why he is the Master
German Shepherd Dog32 Anyone know of Bob Fox in Ohio Trainer/breecer
German Shepherd Dog31 Puppy Stacks
German Shepherd Dog31 dog fights
Sport/working Enthusiasts31 Excitabilty
Main31 cost of service dog
German Shepherd Dog31 Could it be Mega-E
Main31 What would you have done?
Main31 Dog dies after being poisoned at Crufts
Main31 WANTED:
Main31 Why?
German Shepherd Dog31 Breeders like this....
Main30 overagressive dominant pup
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 Leon von der Staatsmacht as a Producer ?
German Shepherd Dog30 Breeder concerns?
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 Question on the 5 trunk bloodlines of the GSD genealogy
Newcomers30 NEWCOMER
Main30 Issue with Deposit--What is Standard Practice
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 Muzzle Question for experienced owners
Main29 Incident at AKC agility show
Main29 interesting read on line breeding
Main29 Locking pedigrees on PDB is not such a good idea.
German Shepherd Dog29 The adventure of shipping a dog to Nigeria!
Main29 WGR/CZ PUP- Beauty Krasnoocko/Dallas vom Eisenherz
German Shepherd Dog28 URGENT-needs competent eval ASAP

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