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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2015

ForumReplies Thread
Main152 this is why the show world should be illegal
German Shepherd Dog140 Questions Re. Structure and Jumping
German Shepherd Dog72 Universal Sieger
Main64 east european shepherd/russian shepherd breed??
Main52 Just shaking my head....
German Shepherd Dog49 question
Main42 Got my bicolor Capri grandkid! :)
German Shepherd Dog31 dog fights
Main30 overagressive dominant pup
Main29 interesting read on line breeding
German Shepherd Dog28 URGENT-needs competent eval ASAP
Main28 6 Week old Aria & Boy & Beauty & Dallas Pups
Sport/working Enthusiasts27 RSV2000 Comes To Florida
Main26 Stupidity has no limits
German Shepherd Dog26 Puppy Stacks
German Shepherd Dog25 Ques about breeder... PENDRAGON ACRES in FL
Main25 Discussion of private forums. All members should read and participate.
Main23 Plea For Help
Sport/working Enthusiasts23 another freak of nature mal, no not even bite-work.
German Shepherd Dog21 Workinglines vs Showlines
Main20 questions on structure.
Conformation Showing19 Article for show line fanciers
German Shepherd Dog19 scare tactics...
Conformation Showing18 Do you mind to critique her?
German Shepherd Dog16 No pictures in Firefox
Main15 Hmmm article on invisible fences
Conformation Showing14 Tips on ring training a puppy
German Shepherd Dog13 Doctor abandons GSD, ties to post, surprised at internet furor...
Main13 returning to PDB
Training and Obedience13 backyard obed
Training and Obedience13 damned prey puppy
Main12 Website layout.
German Shepherd Dog11 Breeding question
Main11 X-ray opinions
Conformation Showing11 8 week old Drago son stacked
Main11 Bi-Coloured German Shepherd?
German Shepherd Dog10 Meet puppy with pictures.
Main10 Feeding a Pregnant GSD
Main9 Green Tripe
Main9 Getting to know your dog through its DNA
Sport/working Enthusiasts9 rate my dog's first long bite
Main9 Itchy, smelly, scaly skin, I found a cure for my dog
German Shepherd Dog9 Thank you to the nice users of this forum:Update on Roulis
German Shepherd Dog9 Niki vom Ron
Main8 Now, That's Funny!
Main8 Ibrahim
Sport/working Enthusiasts8 Dates for WDA 2015 National IPO/FH Championship & Universal Sieger Show
German Shepherd Dog7 Eye problem
Main7 wow, the kindness of some nice people
Main7 What line is my dog?
Newcomers7 I need help to register my Basset
German Shepherd Dog7 HD ED Opinion
Belgian Malinois6 G'Vitou des Deux Pottois (Varack)
German Shepherd Dog6 Wanting to place a dog
Main6 Staph Infection around jaw area - Updated info?
Main6 Time for new addition
German Shepherd Dog6 What ya think?
German Shepherd Dog6 Importance of the male?
Main6 Pictures don't show
German Shepherd Dog6 Large Pack Of GSD Running free
Main5 Supplements.. for a dog being raw fed
Sport/working Enthusiasts5 Any one strap a go-pro camera on a dog diving into a lake ?
German Shepherd Dog5 puppy eye - please help top urgent
Rescues5 Sweet APBT Pup, Dual-Reg'd, ADOPTION
Main5 Looking for an Urn
German Shepherd Dog5 Opinions on breeding??
German Shepherd Dog5 scammed by Stefan Muller/Kloeser
Main5 Opinions on Leo von der Zenteiche
Main5 Cannot Create or Update Pedigree - Need Help Please
Main4 Official UKC nosework rules posted
German Shepherd Dog4 Happy New Year!!!
German Shepherd Dog4 how old is she?!
German Shepherd Dog4 Jonrob (susan) - Can't contact you . . . .
German Shepherd Dog4 Opinions on breeding.....
Main4 pet insurance
Newcomers4 line breeding
German Shepherd Dog4 Ear Tattoo
Training and Obedience4 New Years Training Goals??
Main3 checking outside females for STI's and aggresion
Conformation Showing3 Junior handling World Championship final 2014
Main3 Liver Disease and Copper Sulfate in Dog Food
German Shepherd Dog3 Ugly working lines
Jack Russell Terrier3 What happens to the photos???
Main3 Chinese Herb which works GREAT to combat the signs of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
Main3 PetCo Recalls Chinese Treats
Main3 Vaccine Effectiveness and Safety
Training and Obedience3 Agility
Main3 Honest request for admin
Main2 slight hook in tail
Training and Obedience2 Pseudo Narcotics Reviews
Main2 registering AKC with SV pink papers
German Shepherd Dog2 Looking for info
Main2 3 Part Lecture on breeding and DNA
Conformation Showing2 Picture of puppy free stack
German Shepherd Dog2 Helpers Selected for 2015 GSDCA National IPO Championship
Main2 Understanding Pedigrees - DDR / Czech / German... What makes a dog DDR?
Main2 Swine brucellosis diagnosed in dog-Australia
Main2 Strange Times
Main2 A Public Apology to Elizabeth Painting

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