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Main163 Any one knows of a Vet in NYC ( five boroughs and a bit beyond ) that sees WL dogs?
German Shepherd Dog78 Wolf trotting
Main65 Raising 12 Day Old Puppies
Main64 Buying dogs from Europe
Main41 Can an ADMIN please post about pedigree locking...getting hate mail.
German Shepherd Dog40 SchH titled, American bred GSDs of the 70s, 80s, 90s – questions and a list
Main35 Please help! My GSD may be pregnant after first litter...
Main34 Need some help urgent!!!!
Main31 WARNING! Beware of sending money to Melissa Horn in France to purchase a dog
Main30 Just got off the Phone with AKC
German Shepherd Dog28 are these going to be killers?
Main26 Long hair Gsd question
Main22 What kind of dog is this?
Main21 Two months old Kong Large Extreme... Bye bye toy...
Main21 Out for a Run
Main21 New temperament test
Main21 my new import
Main21 What is going on?
Main21 Germany's SV stance on breeding dogs with what OFA calls Fair Hips (passing) and Elbows Grade 1 DJD
Conformation Showing20 Politics & Pooches In The Dog Show World: Is It THAT Dramatic?
German Shepherd Dog20 photogaphs of a VA or V dog from puppyhood to adulthood?
Belgian Malinois19 Aloof malinois HELP!
Main19 Thought's on my 3 year old male
Main19 Diatomaceous Earth and pregnant GSD bitches
Sport/working Enthusiasts19 Information on Quintus Eqidius and Drago Eqidius.
Main18 Requesting edit rights for pedigrees.
Main17 Something to think about (Cesar Milan and others like him)
Main16 early signs of handler agression
Main15 Breeder help - giving myself best odds - still undecided
Dutch Shepherd15 A very dutch picture
Main15 Initiation
Main14 Kennel Building
German Shepherd Dog13 just snow fun
Main13 So fast
Conformation Showing13 Two Weeks to Westminster - Proud and excited
Main13 Who is my Malinois ?
Main12 Spam posts?
Main12 Top studs list 2015
German Shepherd Dog11 Pre 1901 SV registered GSDs – added photos, kennel ads, and a couple of new entries
Main11 Amazing
Main11 Pg600
German Shepherd Dog11 nine month old tending the sheep
Main10 Are GSD's as special as I think they are or am I biased?
German Shepherd Dog10 Hip X-Ray opinions
Main10 When to spay?
Sport/working Enthusiasts9 Bite Sleeve Information
Main9 One of my very first....Aria!
Main9 WL 12 Months Tons of Pics Critiques welcome!!
Training and Obedience9 "RECALL"
Training and Obedience9 Urgent Help Litter Mate Syndrome- (Two) 7 Months Old Unsocial Rottweiler Sister's
Main9 Tunnel, why is it so expensive?!
Main9 We miss you
Beta Page9 Reverse Line breeding option?
American Bulldog9 New title in Barn Hunt
German Shepherd Dog9 Trying to figure out...
German Shepherd Dog8 juvenile cataracts
Main8 Native Dog Food
Main8 Recognizing to another Portuguese breed in 2016 – Cão Barrocal Algarvio
Main8 Did Drago vom Patriot or was it Drago Eqidius that passed away?
Main8 spam
Main7 Question about back to back breeding. (breeders only question)
Conformation Showing7 14 Months Old, Critiques Appreciated
Main7 Lübeck von der Mähler Meister
Main7 edit wrights - how to delete existing pedigree data?
German Shepherd Dog7 IPO 4
Main7 Dangerous Dog permit in Geneva, Switzerland
Main7 A Family Dobes Retired Breeding Bitch; Soraya's Story
Main7 Study shows dogs can recognize human emotions
Main7 Something other than lounging on the bed
Conformation Showing7 6 month old Czech/DDR Female
Main7 PR write up for Drako
Main7 Awesome Photos of Military and Police K9s
Main6 interesting reading on hips
Main6 To Vaccinate or not?
Main6 Exercise your dog in 15 seconds
Belgian Malinois6 Looking for a low-drive malinois puppy
Main6 Avidog Program
American Bulldog6 Please help find decendants of my boys line
German Shepherd Dog5 Play Ball !
Main5 Help find Hardy
Main5 German/US history of the German Shepherd dog
Main5 Worm Your Puppy!!
Main5 Help, buying equipment to our dog club
Main5 Paer Hasenborn
Main5 Has anyone ever dealt with Von Der Riverside German Shepherds? (Copenhagen NY)
Main5 How your dog drinks
Main5 German hip and elbow ratings
Main5 Young male, what do you think?
German Shepherd Dog5 Looking for Hodie(An old member here i learnt few important things from)
Main4 How to search this site by state in US?
Main4 Requirements for SV Showing?
Main4 Earthborn Dog Foods
Main4 Wanted to share this with everyone.
Training and Obedience4 Cat issues...
Main4 Suggestions for working line breeders
Main4 Dogstock 2016 is official
Main3 New dogs pics on a journal :) !
Main3 Epigenetic influences passed in mammalian sperm

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