Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2007

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2007

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Main400 Von Erzengel Z littler Puppy with Major Genetic Defects
Main348 Let's get to know each other a little bit?
Main202 USA Sieger Show 2007 - Results...
Main191 Post your dogs headshot
Main188 Common Sense has Eluded Them !!!!!
Main181 This is cruel!!
Main179 Hey all you long coat lovers and UKC people, check this out!
Main171 Are Titles Necessary Before Breeding?
Main170 Defense drive or Prey drive
Main163 Pups sold on limited or full registration - difference is price?
Main154 "I'm Not looking for a showdog"
Main151 Fun Poll--What would your dog do?
Main149 officer shoots dog a different prospective
Main149 Boban vom grauen Monstab
Main149 Moderator - good idea or bad?
Main148 Pit Bull family pet Mauls 4 year old in Texas
Main148 Out-crossing GSD with other breeds
Main146 They are all the same breed
Main145 Who objects to this dog being bred?
Main143 Breaking News from Siegerschau 2007 - Sunday
Main143 Why are so many Schutzhund folks...
Main139 Roached backs - spread the religion!
Main138 Schutzhund will die, and GSD people won’t stop it……
Main136 Best Looking and best personality vote now
Main133 P.E.T. G.S.D
Main129 Let's help Shandra
Main124 Why don't we donate to Max's cause
Main121 Shiloh Shepherds
Main121 When did either starving, beating or choking...
Main119 anyone care to reply
Main111 Denial
Main111 Are ya'll THAT forgiving, so quickly?
Main106 What am I doing wrong??
Main105 How many of you think Working Lines are ugly?
Main105 Let's see the bests bite shots!!!
Main105 Nice dog, poss K9 prospect on death row allentown, PA
Main105 Cyber harassment - my view
Main105 For The Masses
Main104 Vaccum for dog hair
Main104 Nature VS Nurture/Tino's Evaluation PT 1
Main103 Has the bubble burst?
Main102 breeders
Main102 My dog is missing toes
Main100 Chicks doing helper work?
Main100 Comparing dog food!
Main99 Temperment ?
Main98 R.I.P. Rin Tin Tin
Main96 To ALL Newbies, Consider this FIRST !!
Main94 I didn't know how widespread bite training IS in the U.S.!
Main94 Fun... Favorite Quotes
Main94 Difference between Working and Show Lines
Main94 working dog prices??
Main92 Can you tell the difference? take the test
Main92 Out in Public?
Main92 Echo I Don't Care if One is Male and the Other Female
Main91 feeding once a day vs twice a day
Main91 Women not the Master (Oh Boy)
Main91 Back from Iraq
Main90 Sieger show in Canada
Main89 CKC Papers Never Recieved
Main89 Show off your working photos
Main89 Top Ten SchH Trainers in America
Main89 I am putting my new male up for stud soon and I would like feed back!
Main89 what did Max mean?
Main88 showing long coat female
Main88 MAXS Murder
Main88 DDR dogs, what is the difference between them and other shepherds
Main87 NASS commentary
Main87 What are the benefits to doing muzzle work?
Main86 Dogs that spin vs. Dogs that don't
Main86 Eurosport K9
Main86 Is this a good kennel?
Main85 Mike Vick. A new little ditty. Lets all pitch in...
Main85 How to post pictures here (Updated)
Main84 sorry couldn't get this to post under Sch will die...
Main84 I WANT Dogs Trained !!! anyone can help ???
Main83 My Heart is BREAKING...
Main83 Thoughtthe board could use some lightening up.
Main82 How Much Does That Imported Puppy Cost?
Main81 Peta in hot water!
Main80 The Myth about Golden middles
Main80 Qustions about culling?
Main79 Osteosarcoma
Main79 Who's Posts Do YOU Look for?
Main78 The Biggest Problem of the Breed: Nerves
Main78 Blue shepherd?
Main78 Blondi, Hitler and Captain Max Von Stephanitz
Main77 Some Thoughts About Max
Main76 HD x-rays - opinions wanted
Main76 Here Come All the American Show Shepherds
Main76 Our Dog Max Shot By Copy
Main75 Fun forum OR Stuffy forum?
Main75 Stop Payment on Check NOT Theft !!!
Main74 Where's Everyone going for Turkey Day?
Main74 You have ruined a breed
Main74 Need some information plz......
Main73 Can you tell the difference? take the test part 2
Main72 BSZS 2007 any news?

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