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Terms of Usage and Conditions of Service.

By registering you agree to abide by the the following simple common sense rules:

Terms of Usage and Conditions of Service

Pedigree Database (“PDB”) is the world’s leading free source of pedigree information for purebred dogs. In keeping with this status and to promote knowledge of dogbreeds, breeding practices, health, training and other aspects relating to dogs and dog ownership, PDB provides a general dog forum and breed specific forums. The forums are free for all to use; however, the site administration of PDB requires all members to follow the rules as set forth below.


This is a constitutional right afforded to citizens of most countries in the world and while you are free to say what you want in public, you may NOT do so everywhere else you may want. Pedigree Database (PDB) is a privately owned forum, funded with private funds and legal advertising. As a privately owned and financed forum we are not subject to "Freedom of Speech" legislation. With that said, we will allow "free speech" insofar as that free speech does not contravene our forum rules. The rules of the forum are in place to protect the forum and the environment where all our members interact.


All persons who wish to post comments on PDB forums or on pedigree listings, or to advertise, must register with PDB. This requires selecting a user name and a password. User names that violate copyright or trademark laws or are inflammatory, vulgar or otherwise in poor taste will be removed. By registering, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service. You certify that you are 13 years of age or over. All those individuals under 13 years of age will need a full release form from their parents before posting any messages. This is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).


While our rules cover the majority of issues that may occur, we cannot anticipate all circumstances that may arise, and as such, the site administration of PDB reserves the right to adjudicate issues as they arise and to take ANY actions deemed appropriate, in any circumstances.


The PDB forums, pedigrees, pedigree comments sections and advertising are moderated by individuals selected by the site owner who are part of PDB site administration. The moderators have sole discretion in making decisions to edit or delete posts or topics from PDB forums, to remove advertising from PDB forums, to edit or remove comments or inaccurate information from dog pedigrees, and to edit or remove advertising that fails to meet the requirements of PDB. The moderators also have full discretion in disciplining or banning members who fail to comply with the Terms of Service and Conditions of Use.

Any member questions about moderation decisions are to be made by PM to moderators, and not openly on the PDB forums. PDB site administration also reserves the right to share e-mails, personal messages and information sent by users relating to forum management issues, among themselves, for the purpose of decision making. Moderators need to communicate with members and we ask that these private messages remain private.


You may not

  1. have multiple identities--multiple user names will be banned.   
  2. discuss religion or politics in any dog forum. Off-topic threads should only be started in the off-topic forum.
  3. make racist, violent, sexual, sexually explicit or other inflammatory remarks in a post, including obscenities.
  4. post images or links to images containing depictions of pornography, racism, violence, near adult content (including model and swimsuit images or sites)  or those of an adult nature are forbidden.
  5. carry out personal attacks, be rude, disrespectful, insulting, threatening or abusive publicly to any member of PDB.
  6. post emails or private messages, members’ private information including name, address, phone number, email address or contact employers of members. Excludes personal experiences and business deals, in this case both parties may be named by either party but no PMs or emails conversations can be posted.
  7. troll, flame, cyberstalk, bait or harass any member of PDB.
  8. make statements based on rumor or hearsay. This includes breeder bashing, which we define as negative comments not based on direct personal experience with said breeder. Be aware, posting an experience may give up your right to remain anonymous.
  9. hijack a thread or go completely off topic--a little off topic in normal conversation is accepted. Off topic back and forths should be taken to private messages or to the OT forum. Nothing kills a learning experience faster than an off topic back and forth debate.
  10. flood the forums with topics for the purpose of blocking other topics or interfering with the forums.
  11. advertise or spam in any post; this includes signature links.
  12. re-post deleted or edited material, that has been edited or deleted by a moderator.
  13. post material from PDB at another forum/site without express permission from PDB site administration or from the copyright owners. This includes pm's.
  14. post any material on PDB from another forum without the express permission of that forum's site administration or copyright owners.
  15. cross post between forums.
  16. post copyrighted material without a link to the originating site or story.
  17. ask us to pre-screen threads/posts.
  18. make derogatory spelling or language comments, PDB is an international forum and therefore English is not the first language of all members.
  19. advertise or place phone numbers in pedigrees, pedigree pictures, galleries or pedigree comments. Please use the classifieds for all advertisements.


Pedigree listings are to be entered and subsequently edited only in good faith, e.g. to provide additional or updated information to the original pedigree listing, or to correct inaccurate information. Any malicious alteration of a pedigree is strictly prohibited. The pedigree collections assembled on PDB are the intellectual property of the PDB and are not to be disseminated, copied, transmitted, reproduced, or otherwise used without the express written permission of PDB site owner. This requirement does not apply to the use of links to individual pedigrees listed on PDB, which is permitted.


By registering with PDB, all members specifically acknowledge that they are solely responsible for the content of their posts or comments, and all members further agree to indemnify and defend PDB and its owners, directors, officers, contractors, employees, agents, heirs, assigns and volunteers from any legal claims sounding in tort or contract made against PDB that may emanate from such posting or comment.

By registering with PDB, all members specifically agree to hold PDB and its owners, directors, officers, contractors, employees, agents, heirs, assigns, and volunteers harmless for any material posted on PDB forums and pedigree listings.


All basic classifieds are free for registered users (registration is free).  The refund policy for premium classifieds is simple:  No refunds.  
There is no obligation to upgrade a classified to premium unless the user wants the added visibility.  Having sold the product in the first hours or days is not grounds for a refund!


When you upgrade a classified to premium, you are forbidden to completely change the information to reflect a totally different product/dog. You agree that you are upgrading a single classified to premium and if that product/dog is sold before the premium time is up you are not allowed to change the content of said classified. does not endorse classifieds that have upgraded to premium and does not take any accountability regarding the validity of stated text or delivery. Site Privacy Policy. Copyright infringement contact address.

We reserve the right to edit any and all content that has been placed on
We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service from time to time without notice and are retro active.


Owner/Admin : Oli     

Admin : GSD Admin

Moderators : mrdarcy

Pedigree Researchers :  Fantom76 - GSDHeritage - GSD Ancestry - Beagle Pro - AkitaPedigrees

Thank you..

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