Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2013

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2013

ForumReplies Thread
German Shepherd Dog621 A Little Fable
German Shepherd Dog450 Why can North American GSD breeders never seem to breed world class dogs??
German Shepherd Dog272 Qualification trial
Sport/working Enthusiasts256 KNPV Video(s)
Main241 Dog sold as titled dog for breeding, judge for yourself
German Shepherd Dog233 changing the stacking pose of the german shepherd??
German Shepherd Dog232 German rules for German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog217 provide some examples of any endurance based animal (dog or not) that is shaped like a gsd.
German Shepherd Dog216 The WDA Scorebook Situation, Follow As We Go Through The Process
German Shepherd Dog210 2013 AWDF trial Ivan/Ebor protection
German Shepherd Dog196 Discernment
Training and Obedience192 Is Electric collar necessary to train precision?
Sport/working Enthusiasts180 A END OF THE COMMON SENSE AND GOOD DOGS.
German Shepherd Dog175 most stunning individual?
Training and Obedience162 Unusual use of an e-collar?
German Shepherd Dog162 To Excesses !
German Shepherd Dog153 german shepherd is a working dog showline people must find another breed!!
Main146 Don't get this.........ding ding round 25....... FARAH VOM KONIG SADLER UP FOR SALE
Training and Obedience144 Has dog training actually improved.
Sport/working Enthusiasts140 IPO stick attack to disappear?
German Shepherd Dog138 Return that dog.
German Shepherd Dog137 Would like to hear comments on Bomber son, Mailo
German Shepherd Dog131 Why would anyone want a dog like this?
German Shepherd Dog131 Inside vs outside dog
German Shepherd Dog129 which GSD's are the most titled in history?
Main126 Need Advice with Prince
Rescues126 Can someone try and help this poor dog?
German Shepherd Dog126 Showlines and Workinglines are Genetically Different - Interesting Study
German Shepherd Dog124 Tim Helser
German Shepherd Dog122 this is a great looking GSD! or what??
German Shepherd Dog118 ceasar milan
Main118 Improving the breed
German Shepherd Dog115 Finally....puppy pictures Aria/Filius
Main113 i think i need a lawyer
German Shepherd Dog113 Breeders using Fero free dogs
German Shepherd Dog111 low thresholds = poor nerves???
German Shepherd Dog105 will american breeders ever start breeding for a more well rounded GSD?
Main105 A "Lil' Bit" of Help for our Friend Jackie (Kalibeck), Please?
German Shepherd Dog103 Karma is a Bitch....
German Shepherd Dog103 Did anyone get their AKC puppy papers from litter of VA Harry X Farah ?
Main100 Prince's Blood Test Results
Main100 Horrendous Attack
Main100 Jerky treats leave nearly 600 dogs dead in 'mysterious outbreak', FDA says
German Shepherd Dog95 A new bomber breeding from Parrish
Sport/working Enthusiasts95 IPO-R title
Training and Obedience94 operant conditioning - i am a believer
Main91 Prices for dogs
German Shepherd Dog91 2013 SV BSZS in Kassel videos
German Shepherd Dog91 2013 WUSV Championships
Sport/working Enthusiasts90 techniques to improve my dogs grip?
Main87 Puppycide: The Documentary
German Shepherd Dog86 Does anyone else see big red flags when-
German Shepherd Dog86 NO Audio or Video Recording Devices Allowed in WUSV Stadium !!!
Sport/working Enthusiasts86 2013 FCI and WUSV Championships
Main85 Don't look if you hate puppies
German Shepherd Dog85 Military dogs: GSD vs. Belg Mal vs. Dutch Shep
German Shepherd Dog83 HELP HELP HELP
Sport/working Enthusiasts82 We Are Here WUSV Philly 2013
Main81 Say Some Prayers for Jewel...
German Shepherd Dog81 Show line-working line mix, a revival of the breed?
Main80 Sled dog pictures from the archives as promised
German Shepherd Dog80 Anyone else had trouble getting AKC papers from Christie Lanckriet, Wilkins
Conformation Showing79 Please Show me V Rated Working Line dogs!
German Shepherd Dog79 GSD club of wales
78 DDR opinions.
German Shepherd Dog76 what so good about a calm full grip??
German Shepherd Dog75 Walter Martin talks
German Shepherd Dog75 Correct temperment, What is it?
German Shepherd Dog75 USCA to develop a plan to improve the breed
German Shepherd Dog75 Longevity list
German Shepherd Dog74 How many of you sleep with your dog on the bed
German Shepherd Dog73 My new boy... "ICE"
German Shepherd Dog73 What catches your eye first
German Shepherd Dog72 merles shepherd?
Main70 30# of Bones !,,and a beef heart,,
German Shepherd Dog70 Share your Christmas Photos!
German Shepherd Dog69 Need help from experienced GSD owners
German Shepherd Dog69 USCA doesn't know WDA is WUSV member while WUSV President Henke judges WDA show 2013???
German Shepherd Dog69 Chronic Itching
German Shepherd Dog69 Do German Shepherd's shed much?
German Shepherd Dog69 Let's See Some Spring Photos!
German Shepherd Dog68 Bomber vom wolfshiem
Main67 Guess then make suggestion
Main67 America TV(famous artists & dog bite) Miami's most popular channel.
German Shepherd Dog67 Fun-Tricky bicolor images.
German Shepherd Dog66 For WildWeasel,about my "blue" shepherds
Main66 I have an idea, Lets make a fun thread!
Conformation Showing66 21 month old bitch
Training and Obedience66 The PPD?
Main65 OFA and PennHip .. A franchise opportunity for veterinarians with price fixing
Main65 Best kibble
Conformation Showing64 THE ULTIMATE GSD!
German Shepherd Dog64 will the german shepherd ever get back on top as a police/military dog?
German Shepherd Dog63 Montana kennel posting fake titles on their dogs, Von Sonnenberg German Shepherds.
Main63 Please help...can someone find out if these two dogs have shutzhund titles or not??
Main62 Baby Rhino aka Beau grows up
German Shepherd Dog62 I Need HELP with Gunther(he thinks he owns me)
Sport/working Enthusiasts62 Would you rather?

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