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German Shepherd Dog Quiyk vom GräfentalLisa Marchi64269 minutes ago by Jenni78 >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog show or working line for my female ? helpwindy torres308878 minutes ago by Keith Grossman >> (goto)
Off Topic Common sense seems to be in short supply when it comes to politics....... - pages | 2| Mindhunt95617102 minutes ago by BabyEagle4U >> (goto)
Off Topic Kinda quiet over here, ain't it ? - pages | 2| 3| Hundmutter170625117 minutes ago by BabyEagle4U >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog Looking for Bauernhoffen linescatnip36390 
Sport/working Enthusiasts why did this sire produce handler hard tough dogs??? - pages | 2| vk4gsd2213135 hours ago by Pirschgang >> (goto)
Main PSD Kennels, Poplarville MS - pages | 2| Plan42day13811512 hours ago by bubbabooboo >> (goto)
Main Tremolo von der Tetiaroa - pages | 2| Xeph13691313 hours ago by Xeph >> (goto)
Main This is an odd questionTreasurePomeranians636114 hours ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
Rescues TRANSPORT LEAVING TOMORROW!!kevlarshepherds4770 
Main PedigreesEclipseDobermans628114 hours ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog Critique time !xbitetab284614 hours ago by xbitetab >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog any insight on this breeding pair?boomer112420 
Main Becky is no longer a baby ='( LOL What do you think of her size/age?AnaSilva728517 hours ago by AnaSilva >> (goto)
Main Live Streaming of 2015 BSZS?Victory638320 hours ago by susie >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog My 5 1/2 month old puppy EAR is now suddenly floppy!! Will it go back to normal ??!!Grizzly K323623 hours ago by Koots >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog New Breeding Female- Dora von der Gewurzwiese - pages | 2| Jenni7813901724 hours ago by Nans gsd >> (goto)
Main Alkarah Kennels - pages | 2| Tinkerslug14591624 hours ago by Sunsilver >> (goto)
Main warning extremely disturbing - have a plan for your dog if you have an alarm system - pages | 2| 3| vk4gsd21582825 hours ago by Sunsilver >> (goto)

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