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Main San Diego, California--Billings, Montana...brace yourselves!hexe59624 hours ago by Psycht >> (goto)
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Main Daenerys vom Eisenherz - 3 Years Oldhallix105876 hours ago by Jenni78 >> (goto)
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German Shepherd Dog A Very Fine Dog Indeed - pages | 2| TIG24511616 hours ago by Kalibeck >> (goto)
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Sport/working Enthusiasts  What attributes does your ideal IPO club have - pages | 2| Cutaway21031128 hours ago by Cutaway >> (goto)
Main VA ListAarav5940 
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Main Marsyas kennelMaryanne53213533747 hours ago by Pirschgang >> (goto)
Training and Obedience Beware of this breeder DonovanRokky7500 
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Main Seven Year Old attacked by Police K9bubbabooboo212082 days ago by hexe >> (goto)

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