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by Wolf on 10 December 2003 - 07:12

Some of you may have noticed that Janis hasn't been around much. Jan has just come home from the hospital and she has been diagnosed with stage III lung cancer. All of Jans wonderful friends here, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers - she WILL get through this with the support of her friends and family! We love you Jan!!

by Kerry on 10 December 2003 - 07:12

You're a great pal, Janis! Feel like I've known ya forever! You've been like a rock in the storm to all of us, and we'll be that for you! Love to you, Dennis and your family!!!!

by Dudee on 10 December 2003 - 18:12

Hi, Sad to hear you're sick. We may not know each other, but you'll always be in my prayers. Get well soon. God is with you

by troll on 10 December 2003 - 18:12

Janis, we are with you in spirit and prayer. Get well soon.

by Roger Ven Torres on 10 December 2003 - 18:12

Have Faith and be strong Janis. We will be praying for you.Roger

by Kerry on 10 December 2003 - 18:12

So many prayers that span the globe and reach far into the spiritual realm to embrace Janis and her family is a very powerful tool, and quite touching, as well. You will remain in my prayers until we've seen you through this, Janis! :))

Fokwulfe Kennels

by Fokwulfe Kennels on 10 December 2003 - 19:12

For Janis, If you find things difficult over the holidays, I would love to offer any dog services that you may need. I am located in Maryland, not sure where you are. We have never met but I feel as if I know you because I have read all your posts. Respectfully, Carl Morgan

Dawn G. Bonome

by Dawn G. Bonome on 10 December 2003 - 19:12

Janis, Sooo many people will be pulling for you. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Dawn Bonome

Keith Grossman

by Keith Grossman on 10 December 2003 - 19:12

Sorry to hear you're not well, Janis, and wish you a speedy recovery. Like Carl, if there is anything I can do to help you and/or Dennis during this time, let me know. I'm just down the road near Indy and can be there within a couple of hours. Keith

by JochenVGW on 10 December 2003 - 20:12

God Bless, Janis.. Our prayers are with you.


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