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ForumReplies Thread
German Shepherd Dog58 Shutzhund Requirement?
49 BH Training Resources
German Shepherd Dog47 Titles vs pedigree on parents when choosing pup
Main37 Vaccinating In Heat Females
Main35 OCD Puppy - Genetic? Treatment Options?
Main31 Sick Pup
Main30 Degenerative Myelopathy
Main27 Questions about becoming a breeder
Sport/working Enthusiasts24 Professional Trainers... I need your opinion please. (video playlist)
Main23 What coat would my GSD fall under? Help Needed.
Main22 OCD Puppy Recovery - AKC Suspends Breeder
German Shepherd Dog22 Tomorrow is going to be a heartbreaker 💔
Main21 OCD Puppy - Update - Can She Recover? - Opinions Welcome
Main21 Hello Hip X-ray assistance please. Thanks
Main20 Dog Nutrition using Raw Food...let's keep the discussion going!
Main19 Questions about importing!
German Shepherd Dog19 Black Mask Genetics?
Main18 MODS How to see extended linebreeding?
Main17 Thoughts on this pedigree
Main16 amazing dog
Main15 R.I.P. Xena!!! I miss you!!
German Shepherd Dog14 Light color red discharge from a 60 day pregnant bitch
Main13 Thoughts on the OFAs of my two year old Belgian Malinios
Main12 Recommendations for Service Dog Breeds
Main12 Is this typical bilateral OCD Surgical Recovery?
German Shepherd Dog12 Long hair vs plush coat
German Shepherd Dog12 Bad Puppies! lol
Main12 GSD Working Line - what should i pay for a good puppy?
German Shepherd Dog12 Black GSD puppy with sable(ish) tail?!
12 What do you feed your dogs?
Main11 Any ideas of what could be wrong?
German Shepherd Dog10 Extracted teeth on a Kkl1/Lebenszeit
Main10 Bonding Advice Needed
Main10 Worming Pregnant Dog
Main9 Importing process from Czech to USA
Sport/working Enthusiasts9 10 month old WL without intensity
Main9 12 month GSD HD xray - Opinions Wellcome !!
Main9 OCD 5 MO Puppy Pre-op Xrays/Post-op Care
Main9 Mission vom Eisenherz - 12 mos X-Rays
Scams / Ripoff reports8 No guarantee on hips,elbows or pregnancy BUYER AND SELLER MADE AN AGREEMENT
Main8 Dog fights
Main8 Hips & Elbows X Ray Opinions 20 month old Male WGSL, Thanks!
Main8 Maddi Vom Eisenherz Hips and Elbows
Main8 10 Month old male GSD x-ray opinions
German Shepherd Dog7 Beckett vom Frauengarten 10/27/2006-1/16/2017
Main7 Best method for Flying with new puppy
Main6 How do you switch pedigree ownership on this site?
Main6 Can pull hair backwards on back of 5 week old puppy to tell if it is sable?
Main6 Hips & Elbows 9 month old
Main6 Hey Marcel = one tough Dutch Shepherd
Main6 INT and DI---what do they mean
Main6 Things that make you just shake your head...
Main6 Adding a kennel to the breeder's page
Main5 German Shorthair Pointer "lines"?
Main4 Cook Farm Kennel Brown Summit, NC
Main4 xrays of a 25 month.... opinions
Main4 New to events would like to learn more.
Scams / Ripoff reports4 Mitchell Bryan Holden Scammer
4 Feeding details for show German shepherd Dog
Main3 Best flea and tick medicine?
Belgian Malinois3 BIG ROY
Newcomers3 Editing Gallery?
Main3 Ear Tattooes
German Shepherd Dog3 Oxytocin after Whelping
Main3 Serbian Hip and Elbow Stamp on Pedigree
3 Any Schutzhund trainers
Main3 Question to the Pedigree Admins
Main3 How to handle puppy biting!
German Shepherd Dog3 German Shepherd litters
Main3 Another KNPV bloodlines with good hips !!!
Main3 Chew Bone Confusion - What is recommended?
Newcomers3 How to input dog?
German Shepherd Dog3 Tracking Food.
Main2 dvds, ebooks material
Main2 Training Advice
Main2 Purchasing GSD outside of the USA.
Main2 Using calsorb during Whelping
Main2 Getting pictures to save to pedigree
Main2 Breed Book
Newcomers2 Help and info
Main2 Breeders edge oral cal plus
Main2 GR-ZW for GSD
German Shepherd Dog2 Hips and Elbows Opinion
Training and Obedience2 About Dog Training Center
Main2 Importing GSs from Janos Vajda in Serbia
Training and Obedience2 Jasko von der Schillerstraße - first protection
German Shepherd Dog2 sg 28 JHKLR
Main1 Flea and heartworm preventative during proestrus
Main1 German Shepherd Metatarsal Fistulas
Conformation Showing1 *** My iliano vom fichtenschlag grandaughter, 8 months ***
German Shepherd Dog1 Exporting pup from the EU.
Main1 Attention: AKC Members Entering Dog Pedigrees
Main1 Fake photo
Main1 Buying or own a Serbian Reg Dog **Member Info**
Main1 Eyes of a Lion
Main1 Rules and Guidelines for registering a Dog/Puppy

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