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"D" vom Anfang

Due 21 jan 2017

Parents: V Madox von der Emsaue IPO 3 and Daenerys vom Eisenherz PSA PDC, TT

Posted by: hallix, country: United States

D litter WOLFENWALD Kennel

Due 22 jan 2017

Parents: V2 BSZS 2015 Marlo von Baccara IPO 3 and SG2 Anett von Wolfenwald

Posted by: Wolfenwald, country: Romania

"S" litter z Kraje Karla IV.

Due 25 jan 2017

Parents: VÝBORNÝ Asko Obsidian Guard Land BH, IPO3 and Eyna schwarze Einigkeit

Posted by: zkrajekarlaiv, country: Czech Republic

B litter

Due 28 jan 2017

Parents: Enosz ze Skalnego Wzgora and Javelyn Von Taylorhof

Posted by: sczako, country: United States

Patriot K-9's Bender X Sixie

Due 30 jan 2017

Parents: Bender Pavevy z Vokovic and SIXIE z Kmene Ceroky

Posted by: Patriot K9 Services, country: United States

A Litter My Red Color

Due 01 feb 2017

Parents: Enzo vom Höchstadter Wappen and JCAC, JBOB, BOG 1. Athena My Red Color

Posted by: Liszt70, country: Turkey

Vom Eisenherz N Litter

Due 01 feb 2017

Parents: V Madox von der Emsaue IPO 3 and Jessie Modry Amulet ZM, ZVV1

Posted by: Jenni78, country: United States

C litter

Due 02 feb 2017

Parents: VA2 (CH, USA 2014) Paxx von den Oher Tannen IPO3 and V2 LGZS; V56 BSZS 2013 Fedra von Arlett IPO1

Posted by: krhall, country: United States

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