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Due 22 jun 2018

Parents: SG1(COAPA-WUSV) 2012 Argos Von Allimant SG9(AR)2013 and Emy von Hundeliebes

Posted by: vonallimant, country: Chile


Due 23 jun 2018

Parents: Elliott's Nitro and Amy-Lotty Galan Slovakia BH/VT

Posted by: elliott252, country: United States

Litter H Shield Kennels Dakota and Luke (Kimon)

Due 23 jun 2018

Parents: V, IntCH Chickhoff Kimon CDX BN RE TD PT CGC HT and Dakota Marat Bohemia

Posted by: ShieldKennels, country: United States

Litter B

Due 25 jun 2018

Parents: Waran von der Feuersäule BH, IPO2 and Ivania Von Starkes Herz

Posted by: Pryor, country: United States

Jake x Vivien

Due 27 jun 2018

Parents: Jake Von Hohen Bergen BH and Vivien Vom Thal Der Schwarzen Wölfe Personal Protection

Posted by: dmajorred, country: United States

a litter pending

Due 30 jun 2018

Parents: Auron ze Stribrneho Kamene IPO3, FH (V 96) and Cora van Meerhout IPO 3

Posted by: Batgirl115, country: United States

"J" Litter vom Tal der Rosen

Due 30 jun 2018

Parents: V Julius De Auringis IPO1 and SG Arya vom Tal der Rosen BH

Posted by: jdiogoc, country: Portugal


Due 01 jul 2018

Parents: V Onyx von Arlett AD, BH, IPO 1, FPr 1 and ACDA DEL RODIMB'S

Posted by: Eduardo1971, country: Chile

U Litter Highlander Bluff

Due 04 jul 2018

Parents: Satan miss Jakoso ZVV1 and Fany od Janice

Posted by: highlanderbluff, country: United States

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