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Try to avoid very common words like "vom", "von", "der", "aus", etc.. and stick to the kennel + name for best results

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Barrex vom Zollverein

Barrex vom Zollverein

Inserted:2 minutes ago
Male (2573907)
Father: V Arak vom Thostgrund
Mother: V Fine vom Haus Iris
Created by Akia78
Toscana Vom Panonian Haus

Toscana Vom Panonian Haus

Inserted:4 minutes ago
Female (2573906)
Strongbond's Soren

Strongbond's Soren

Inserted:21 minutes ago
Male (2573901)
Father: Strongbond's Duffy
Mother: Strongbond's Gracie
Created by MeagW
Roe Vom Chamberhaus

Roe Vom Chamberhaus

Inserted:25 minutes ago
Female (2573900)
Father: Zeke Vom Haus Fleming
Mother: Tanis of Kreative
Created by Chamberhaus
Analaya vom wolfdam

Analaya vom wolfdam

Inserted:69 minutes ago
Female (2573892)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by SonsofIorek

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