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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2020

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Main107 some thoughts on inherited/genetic character vs. environmental trained
Training and Obedience100 KNPV trouble
Main88 Questions, Long winded but I appreciate any input from the GSD experts on here
Main66 Natural drives
Main62 What do you see in this vid?
German Shepherd Dog59 Stay Safe Everyone/COVID 19
Main53 Calling all pedigree experts
Main51 Just my questions
Main48 Need to re-home a biting GSD
Main44 Family Protection Dog Prices?
Main42 200 % on the mark Helmut Raiser quote
Main41 Is my male intact GSD unhappy or stressed if he does not mate?
German Shepherd Dog40 Blue eyes?
Main37 Breeding genetic problems; epilepsy etc
Main37 If I may ask a question
Main36 4 April 20 LE K9 bite
Main36 Non DDR bloodline that breed the DDR structure or similar
German Shepherd Dog33 german shepherd dm
Main33 To REPROMAND for long term affects
31 Caucasian Ovcharka in Protection Sports?
Main31 Virtue Dog Food
Main30 Wolf Mask GSD Littlest Hobo Lookalike
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 15 month green GSD not barking at decoy.
German Shepherd Dog29 Unable to print pedigrees properly.
Main28 Long or short coat?
Main27 Auto immune issues
Main25 Any thoughts on this breeding for the USA Market
Main25 british hip and elbow scores
Main24 Let’s talk Bitches
Main24 I got scammed
Main24 Suggestion for Website
Main23 Breeding Plans
Main23 Sedation for OFA xrays
German Shepherd Dog23 Penn hip before bite training?
Main22 What are you looking for in a new dog...
Main21 Naming a Kennel
German Shepherd Dog21 Rasputin Vom Flossgraben Progeny that are still alive and possibly still breeding
Newcomers21 Picking a Sire from Pedigrees.
Main20 alpha roll
Main19 Question About Max Cerny Obelisk
Main18 Lost our 9 year old boy, Timber Unexpectedly Yesterday. Please Help.
Scams / Ripoff reports18 Malinger Kennels Jenn Segal Viva Aussies.....again
German Shepherd Dog18 Let’s talk lines?
Training and Obedience17 Looking for training material. SCHH1
Main17 Glucosamine dosage??
Main17 Thoughts on reaction
Main17 Dog insurance
Newcomers17 Dog's Name is Wrong on one set of papers...or is it? Help
German Shepherd Dog16 GSD attacking his own elbow
Sport/working Enthusiasts16 Confusion about identifying nerviness
Main16 high drive pups, old Czech lines
Main16 characteristic of a dog suitable for LE
Main16 Umbilical hernia
Main16 German Shepherd Hips - XRays - Not sure on their rating
Main15 Breeder in Europe
Main15 ear tattooing for dog shows
Main15 Linebreeding on Pike del Lupo Nero
German Shepherd Dog15 Would love to know people opinions on these two pedigrees
Main15 Please look at this Hip X-Ray
Main15 6mo prelims hips and elbows
Main14 Natural stack
German Shepherd Dog14 Would you breed a dog whos 0/0 for elbow and hips but both parents are a2 fast normal
German Shepherd Dog14 German Breeders/ Kennel (GSD WL)
Main14 Sucherquelle Shepherds
Training and Obedience13 Lazy
Main13 Dutch Shepherd anyone using one for IGP? Or other sports? How do they compare to a GSD?
Main13 Maximum Age for Breeding a Maiden Bitch
German Shepherd Dog13 Question on pedigrees on here
German Shepherd Dog13 DDR / East German Working Line Breeder / Dog / Puppy Search
German Shepherd Dog12 Is this true? :)
Main12 IPG or PSA
Main12 Good job Ozzy!
Main12 Gent od Policie
Main12 Food Drive
Main12 Recommendations
Main12 Indy z Diehlomov Just shy of 7mo 66.7lbs.
Main12 Reputable Yorkie breeders in PA
Main12 Euthanasia Drug Discovered in Adulterated Animal Fat
Scams / Ripoff reports11 Janos Vadja & Vadja Hof Kennels
Main11 Inbreeding coefficient question
Main11 A good fever - puppy fever!
Main11 8th vertebrea
Main11 Ground transportation
Main11 Corona Virus Impact Upon Shipping?
Main11 Slovakia
German Shepherd Dog10 Puppy growth
Main10 Grandson of Congo Vikar
Main10 Orrylordblack Kennel Information + View on pedigree
Main10 Genetic Testing
Main10 Fast van de duca vallei
Main10 Dlaczego nie wyszukuje mi w Google zarejestrowanego psa
Main10 Indy z Diehlomov 5 1/2 mo
Main10 Cruciate ligament tear experiences with your dog
Main10 3 Week old puppy with swollen stomach
Main10 HELP...Leaving my male Shepherd with my female while she’s in heat ?
German Shepherd Dog9 Buying a working line German shepherd overseas


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