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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2018

ForumReplies Thread
427 I think treat training is cruel.
Sport/working Enthusiasts369 Sport to LE? Who's done this?
German Shepherd Dog289 2018 SV BSZS in Nurnberg videos
Sport/working Enthusiasts274 Working to get my dog to get more serious
Main262 Old school German Shepherds
Sport/working Enthusiasts234 Inappropriate Agression , but is this a fear biter?
German Shepherd Dog142 Czech/DDR Good VS Bad?
American Pit Bull Terrier129 Let's talk about inbreeding
Sport/working Enthusiasts124 Civil Dogs and Civil Work
Main124 Limited Registration Discussion
Main121 Those who know Czech
Main113 Make this site a social network
Main95 6 1/2 mos Hip xrays...Opinions Please
Main93 american members
91 Are protection dogs more dangerous then untrained one?
Main88 What’s 4 Dinner Doggie
German Shepherd Dog86 Blocky Head
Training and Obedience75 Training pictures, post em up!
German Shepherd Dog71 2018 WUSV Universal Sieger videos
Main71 Ae German Shepherds self aware ?
Main67 Czech 4th Line and 2nd Line Studs
German Shepherd Dog67 Line breeding on Tom Vant leeffdaahof
Training and Obedience61 GSD 11 Months and I am burning out fast.
German Shepherd Dog58 Shutzhund Requirement?
Main55 Mineral deposit in the shoulder????
Main54 Wendelin Farms
Main53 Defense training on fearful dogs
German Shepherd Dog52 Titles vs pedigree on parents when choosing pup
Main50 Apparently my dog doesn’t look like a GSD?!?
Main50 Malis do NOT "Fly The Friendly Sky' ( UNITED AIR)
49 BH Training Resources
Main49 Taste of the Wild Linked to Puppy Deaths
Main48 This add???
Main44 Help with a Z name
Main43 Thoughts on this breeding
Main42 Is change in pet food a good thing?
Main40 Extreme Orex Aykmar Son DM positive
Main40 Feet pics!
Scams / Ripoff reports39 MEGAN STREUSSNIG Formerly of Kennel TANNEN BLUFF Admin edit RESOLVED
Main39 Website Issue
Main38 Dog foods
Main37 Vaccinating In Heat Females
Training and Obedience37 Push, pull and shake? Or not?
Main36 Beloved wolf killed by trophy hunter,
Sport/working Enthusiasts36 National Breeding Program for working dogs
Main36 Is This Even Possible?
Main35 OCD Puppy - Genetic? Treatment Options?
German Shepherd Dog34 Nans: PS: more puppy pics please. Thx
Sport/working Enthusiasts34 Professional Trainers... I need your opinion please. (video playlist)
Main33 How To Write An AD...
German Shepherd Dog32 Subcutaneous Hemangiosarcoma
Sport/working Enthusiasts32 New IPO rules for 2019
Sport/working Enthusiasts31 Maybe one of the best and interesting documentaries made over last years @ Iron dog K9
Main31 Sick Pup
Main30 Degenerative Myelopathy
German Shepherd Dog29 GSD Breed survey
Scams / Ripoff reports29 My experience with Jennifer Segal/Malinger Kennels Malinois (Admin Edit CKC issued papers to Jill)
Main27 German Shepherd police dog on the run / courage zero
Sport/working Enthusiasts27 Opinions on this bite training philosophy ?
Main27 Strange Fear
Main27 Questions about becoming a breeder
German Shepherd Dog27 Is This A Dwarf GSD?
Main26 HELP ! Eqidius quality type dogs
26 German Shepherds excelling in Top Ring Sports
Main25 Black German Shepherd with Bleed Through Color?
Main25 GSD: Working line IPO titles vs. Show line IPO titles
German Shepherd Dog25 Black GSD puppy with sable(ish) tail?!
German Shepherd Dog25 Interesting view of the GSD
Sport/working Enthusiasts24 Finding the right dog
Main24 My Irmus Galag grandson not quite 3 mo
German Shepherd Dog24 Long Stock coat genetics?
Main23 OCD Puppy - Update - Can She Recover? - Opinions Welcome
Main23 What coat would my GSD fall under? Help Needed.
German Shepherd Dog23 what are the requirement(list) for a GSD to qualify as an entry in the annual BSZS?
Main23 Bloat..confused..
German Shepherd Dog23 Getting my first imported dog
German Shepherd Dog22 breeding problems
Main22 Schutzhund/sporting line or Security/Police line German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog22 Black Mask Genetics?
Main22 We've been busy
German Shepherd Dog22 Tomorrow is going to be a heartbreaker 💔
German Shepherd Dog22 BH trainer
Main22 OCD Puppy Recovery - AKC Suspends Breeder
Main21 OCD Puppy Needs to Be Re-homed - Requesting Resources - Seeking older juvenile to 2 Y/O dog.
Main21 Hello Hip X-ray assistance please. Thanks
Main21 Recall on Raw! Just My Luck
Main21 GSD lines/dog with high HUNT drive, suitable for SAR?
Main21 Are all GSD's Natural Protectors?
German Shepherd Dog21 Need help finding dog's parents
Main21 Opinions please
Main21 What age is biking appropriate?
Main21 Dog Hip Dysplastic with both parents having "Good Hips"
Main20 DM or CE?
Main20 Dog Nutrition using Raw Food...let's keep the discussion going!
Sport/working Enthusiasts20 Schutzhund the way it was intended to be
German Shepherd Dog20 Deleted my dog?
Sport/working Enthusiasts20 Utility Title for working detection or SAR dog

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