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 Epic Puppy Fightpanzertoo54370 
 Where is the Best hunting lab Stud closest to Idaho ?Bundishep1060733.5 years ago by Bundishep >> (goto)
 penn hipsmoonlite126760 
 Funny Greedy Labrador imageGSD Lineage156700 
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 'Pedigree Query', Wealdon Sporting continued....carobrook186160 
 Progeny of Elvis Cox and Gabbard's Carolina Gypsyspanky3168520 
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 looking for a Rocheby pupoldsmokey178940 
 amending a pedigree?lauramcewan1816215.3 years ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
 information on an extended pedigree.lauramcewan1823825.3 years ago by lauramcewan >> (goto)
 dreligore puppiesupset210370 

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