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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2019

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German Shepherd Dog446 The German Sieger Show 2019
Main177 Would you breed a blue mal?
Sport/working Enthusiasts152 Reckless Aggression , where does it comme from, and which lines are known to pass it down?
Sport/working Enthusiasts135 Pulling instead of Pushing Bite
German Shepherd Dog115 2019 WUSV WM in Modena videos
Main104 German shepherd in KNPV
Sport/working Enthusiasts86 RIP REAL workingdogs- bloodlines with charactar ?
Scams / Ripoff reports69 SCAM ALERT Jenn BAYLIFF/ Court CALDWELL/ Vom Haus Caldwell/Haus Amberg all seem to be scammers Admin
Sport/working Enthusiasts58 Why do some dogs maul?
Sport/working Enthusiasts57 Bolle JaNaKa female offspring in KNPV
Main57 Andre von der NexxJenn 9-11 months Obedience
Main53 malinois kill soldier who is taking care of them
Main53 Qvido Vepeden progeny, health concerns ???
Scams / Ripoff reports51 BEWARE of JUDY MALONE ALT-OSTLAND East German Shepherds
Training and Obedience50 Vocalization and self control (2013)
Main48 A hint of "Garbage" genetics can make a very good dog?
Sport/working Enthusiasts42 CZECH Police DOD team + Praque police demo
Main41 TART competition Czech Republic
Main39 arthritis supplements/medications
Main38 Dog Food Help?!
Sport/working Enthusiasts37 Bitework for the newbie
Scams / Ripoff reports36 Aleksandar Fanino Filipovic, dog not received( Refund given to misteguaycreek matter now resolved)
German Shepherd Dog34 Hips
Main34 Combining showline and working line
Main33 Great interview with Gerrard van Es
Main33 Pro Plan Hydrolyzed Protein Food
Main32 Bloodlines and opinions
Main32 Tennnessee woman killed and mauled by six german shepherds
Main32 New WDA in USA???
Main31 How to update MY dog when admin won't allow me edit rights
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 Can you have a balanced drive mix mal
Main27 Scientific proof animals do have emotions like us
Main27 Bloodlines that improve an attribute
Main27 My IGP dog is afraid of the stick
German Shepherd Dog27 3-3 line breeding
Main27 Mink v h Wittfeld - what can you tell me about him & Lindenhalle ?
Newcomers27 Puppy Identification
Main27 So sad
Main26 Puppy growth rate concerns-GSD
Main26 Need Help! Picking between two litters of long coated GSDs from same breeder
Sport/working Enthusiasts26 Low drive malinois puppy?
Sport/working Enthusiasts26 Acronym Explanations
Main26 K-9 Avar Hoping to find his pedigree.
Main25 Blondi
Main24 advertisements
Main24 Sven v Grafental
Sport/working Enthusiasts24 Hyperkinesis in a working bloodline
Main24 xrays
Scams / Ripoff reports24 Aleksander Vom FANINO
Main24 vaccines
Scams / Ripoff reports23 Beware Oliver Buford aka K9Handler1993
Main22 Section For Reputable Breeders
German Shepherd Dog22 GSDCA vs USCA
Sport/working Enthusiasts22 Working vs Sport German Shepherds
Main22 Neutering
Main21 West German show line studs
Main21 Perianal Fistulas (previous thread older) Looking for updated information
Main20 Was a call-off/recall ever part of the schutzhund routine?
20 What age to introduce puppy bite sleeve
Main20 Looking for Roy
Main19 Dont like the friggin flirtpole
German Shepherd Dog19 Any comments on this prospective litter?
Main19 uploading pics
Main18 youtube lost its mind
Main18 The Mal injured in the Afgan ISIS takedown was just on TV in the U.S.........
German Shepherd Dog18 Looking for best Puppy food.
Sport/working Enthusiasts18 Is this a good dog?
German Shepherd Dog18 Europe Breeders
Scams / Ripoff reports18 Money sent for x-rays, DM test no response Edited by Admin Refund sent
Main17 Females that you like GSd part 2
Main17 Dog Cardiomyopathy and Grain Free Dog Food FDA List
German Shepherd Dog17 Embark DNA testing?
German Shepherd Dog17 Shipping cost to import european dog
Main17 Dog Foods
Training and Obedience16 Seeking your ideas for a specific training difficulty.
Main16 Is this a short or long coat puppy?
German Shepherd Dog15 new to this site and have questions first time german sheperd owner
Main15 Medical advice/opinion needed - dog in ER vet today
Main14 5 week old puppy hind legs stopped working need advice ASAP!
Main14 Opinions Needed On Overbite GSD (10 months old)
Main14 Dog hates the cold refuses to do number 2 outside
Main14 Pls helpt -Export Pedigree
Training and Obedience14 Chance Mapet - protection 4 months
Scams / Ripoff reports14 Looking for information good or bad regarding Baron the GSD's owner
Main14 Champi boy is coming along so nicely
Main14 Berger blanc / White suisse shepherds
Main14 Small growth slightl;y below outside of right hock joint. Anyone dog had this before?
Scams / Ripoff reports14 Buyers Beware - IVAN LUKIC
Main14 Car Sickness
Main13 Can you turn around a BYB dog?
Main13 A winter morning
Main13 Microchip numbers
Main13 Was told to have hips checked out before I continued protection work.
Main13 Ingo von Rudingen
Main13 Pedigree info
Main13 heartworm treatment
Main13 ZW numbers
Main13 Too close to breed?
Main13 Low to non-shedding coat


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