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Questions On Beauceron Color Genes3.1 years agoBeauceron
Beware of This Breeder .. George Popa7.8 years agoBeauceron
looking for next dog8.2 years agoBeauceron
Beauceron9.3 years agoBeauceron
SAR - Beauceron puppies for sale9.7 years agoBeauceron
Anybody in central U.S.??9.5 years agoBeauceron
2007 Beauceron Journée 11.6 years agoBeauceron
Fixes to the website12.3 years agoBeauceron
Anymore Beacercon people here? 11.4 years agoBeauceron

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General Grooming of Dogs

General Grooming of Dogs

Food, shelter, exercise and regular visits to the veterinarian are all a part of the basic care package that accompanies dog ownership. However, there is one more important aspect of proper canine care that must not be forgotten or neglected, and that is grooming. In order for a dog to stay clean and healthy, proper hygiene must be maintained, and given that dogs can do little more than lick themselves to remove the occasional annoying substance, grooming of your animal is your responsibility.

  • An Introduction to Clicker Training

    If you’re not directly familiar with clicker training, you might be a little confused on what exactly this style of training is all about.  It is a newer style (although has been known and used for many decades) of training in the sense that it took a while for dog trainers to really hook onto it. 

  • Health Issues in Dogs

    Dogs can suffer from a whole host of diseases and other serious health problems. Some of these conditions are inherited, while others are caused by viruses; still others are related to lifestyle and environmental influences.


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