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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2019

ForumReplies Thread
Main103 German shepherd in KNPV
Sport/working Enthusiasts85 RIP REAL workingdogs- bloodlines with charactar ?
Main47 A hint of "Garbage" genetics can make a very good dog?
Main40 TART competition Czech Republic
Scams / Ripoff reports34 Aleksandar Fanino Filipovic, dog not received( Refund given so matter now resolved)
Main32 Great interview with Gerrard van Es
Main32 Pro Plan Hydrolyzed Protein Food
Main31 New WDA in USA???
Main30 How to update MY dog when admin won't allow me edit rights
German Shepherd Dog26 3-3 line breeding
Main26 Bloodlines that improve an attribute
Main26 My IGP dog is afraid of the stick
Main26 Scientific proof animals do have emotions like us
Main25 Need Help! Picking between two litters of long coated GSDs from same breeder
Sport/working Enthusiasts23 Hyperkinesis in a working bloodline
Main23 vaccines
Main23 advertisements
Main22 Combining showline and working line
Scams / Ripoff reports21 Beware Oliver Buford aka K9Handler1993
Main20 Perianal Fistulas (previous thread older) Looking for updated information
Main19 Looking for Roy
Main18 Dont like the friggin flirtpole
German Shepherd Dog18 Any comments on this prospective litter?
German Shepherd Dog17 Looking for best Puppy food.
Main15 Is this a short or long coat puppy?
Main14 Medical advice/opinion needed - dog in ER vet today
Main13 Dog hates the cold refuses to do number 2 outside
Main13 Pls helpt -Export Pedigree
Main13 5 week old puppy hind legs stopped working need advice ASAP!
Main13 Opinions Needed On Overbite GSD (10 months old)
Main12 Was told to have hips checked out before I continued protection work.
Main12 Microchip numbers
Main12 Too close to breed?
Main12 Can you turn around a BYB dog?
Main12 A winter morning
Newcomers11 Need input on potential GSD pup purchase
Main11 What is a 2.2 deposit on a $2000 puppy
Main11 can you upload pics from an iphone
Main11 Bite suit
Main11 Husky pregnant day 59 but dont show?
Main11 Growing Up
German Shepherd Dog10 Need help in choosing a dog
Training and Obedience10 Chance Mapet - protection 4 months
Australian Shepherd10 What Causes Deafness in Aussies?
Scams / Ripoff reports10 Aleksander Vom FANINO
Main10 Need advices on choosing a puppy
Scams / Ripoff reports10 BEWARE! Peggy Sue Walker German Shepherd GSD Breeder!
Main10 Grain Free Food
Alaskan Malamute9 False or True Pedigree
Main9 GSD New Hampshire/Vermont breeder recommendations please!
Main9 Need help with a pedigree
German Shepherd Dog9 Understanding pedigrees
Belgian Malinois8 Need help with first belgian Malinois puppy
German Shepherd Dog8 What kind of temperament can I expect?
German Shepherd Dog8 Opinions on a 3-3 line breeding to Tyson vom Kottersbusch
Training and Obedience8 Training question: Impulse control
Main8 Can anyone help me with German shepherd breeders London?
Main8 The nightmare continues
Main8 Any cat health experts?
Main8 food for arthritis
Main8 Supplements to help fur grow back faster
Main8 HD / ED scoring.
Main8 Underweight German Shepherd Puppy
Main8 Does anyone have experience with Giant Schnauzers? Any comparison to German Shepherds?
Main8 The war on opioid medication has reached veterinary practices
Sport/working Enthusiasts7 ZW numbers
German Shepherd Dog7 Forever Strauss
German Shepherd Dog7 When is the baseline to consider C-section?
Training and Obedience7 Looking for someone who can train my pup for his BH possibly IPO title in the future
Main7 No PRICES posted on some of the dogs for Sale
Main7 Can anyone recommend dog breeds I should consider?
Main7 Letters from Dogs
Main7 Importing two dogs from Germany
Main7 Introducing a working line pup into the household as opposed to a showline female pup?
Scams / Ripoff reports6 SCAM ALERT Jenn BAYLIFF/ Court CALDWELL/ Vom Haus Caldwell
Newcomers6 Help with pedigree of my 6mo GSD
White Shepherd6 Question about White Shepherd
Sport/working Enthusiasts6 Working Border Collies
Scams / Ripoff reports6 Malinger Kennels update
Main6 Top Quality Ontario GSD Breeders
Main6 new toughts on Schutzhund
Main6 What do you guys think
Main6 Insurance for our training club??
Main6 Opinion on hips 1yr next week
Main5 Should I Stud him
Main5 Duralactin Has anyone had luck?
Main5 best way to add about 5 pounds back on
Main5 Importing pup from Czech
Main5 Need help filling in the blanks in this pedigree
Main5 HIT test
Main5 What litter
Main5 2019 WDC FH Championship
Main5 Need help for choosing the best puppy.
Main5 Adequan Injections
German Shepherd Dog5 A3 Hips in Pedigree - Puppy
White Shepherd4 planned litters
Main4 Facebook shutting down animal sales

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