Biggest topics over the years - Year:

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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2020

ForumReplies Thread
Main42 200 % on the mark Helmut Raiser quote
Main41 Is my male intact GSD unhappy or stressed if he does not mate?
Main37 Breeding genetic problems; epilepsy etc
Main25 Any thoughts on this breeding for the USA Market
Main23 Breeding Plans
German Shepherd Dog23 german shepherd dm
Scams / Ripoff reports18 Malinger Kennels Jenn Segal Viva Aussies.....again
Main18 Lost our 9 year old boy, Timber Unexpectedly Yesterday. Please Help.
Main17 Dog insurance
Main16 Umbilical hernia
German Shepherd Dog13 Question on pedigrees on here
German Shepherd Dog13 Unable to print pedigrees properly.
Main12 Euthanasia Drug Discovered in Adulterated Animal Fat
Main12 Reputable Yorkie breeders in PA
Main11 8th vertebrea
Main10 Cruciate ligament tear experiences with your dog
Main10 Fast van de duca vallei
Main10 3 Week old puppy with swollen stomach
Main9 FCI Hip & Elbow Certification.... Help please?
Main9 Older pup options
Main9 Philosophical questions about Dog Management:
Main9 Sucherquelle Shepherds
Main8 What are you looking for in a new dog...
Main8 Really? Here too?
Main7 problems with Chrome
German Shepherd Dog6 OFA Question
German Shepherd Dog6 Pedigree
Scams / Ripoff reports6 Lab x GSD registered on PDB
Scams / Ripoff reports5 FRAUD - Need help! ( Admin edit.. MATTER RESOLVED)
Main5 Suggestions for PDB - add country & lifespan to pedigrees
Scams / Ripoff reports5 Update: Augusto DeOliveira/'vom Ultimate'/GSK/Griffin Shepherd Kennels Has Landed in California
Main4 Import Paper works
Main3 My dog in the pedigree database
Main3 AKC Registration
Scams / Ripoff reports3 Beware Oliver Buford is now Malguy93
Training and Obedience3 BOXER - Dudlik European K9 training base - protection
Main3 Importing
German Shepherd Dog2 Что вы скажите о родословной? EDIT (What do you think of the pedigree)
Great Dane2 Searching for 1967 Honey Hollow Sir Guy Warlock
Main2 Hip and Elbow Foreign Dog Rating Explanation Help
Main1 Teeth problem. No premolars p1 p4, puppy 6 months
Bluetick Coonhound1 Black and tan coonhound
Conformation Showing1 Vom Bavaria Hof Gsd's
Pembroke Welsh Corgi1 Greenwoods Secret Agent 11
Main1 Aik von der Ofdener Schlucht
Scams / Ripoff reports1 Aleksander Vom FANINO
Rottweiler1 Fisher’s Rocky II
Main1 Returning Puppy to Breeder
Belgian Malinois1 SPKP Registry


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