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Long Coat female from VA8 Jax dei Precision
Puppies for sale

Trained adult female black and red, spayed
Female for sale

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Imported Daughter of VA1 (CH), SG6 BSZS 2015 Duran
Female for sale

Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2019

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Main12 Was told to have hips checked out before I continued protection work.
Main11 Is this a short or long coat puppy?
Main9 Need help with a pedigree
Main8 Can anyone help me with German shepherd breeders London?
Main8 The nightmare continues
Main7 No PRICES posted on some of the dogs for Sale
German Shepherd Dog7 Forever Strauss
Main5 Dog hates the cold refuses to do number 2 outside
Main5 Should I Stud him
Main5 Duralactin Has anyone had luck?
Main4 OCD Puppy Recovery - One Year Radiographs of the Stifle
Main3 Lost import papers
Main3 11 mo
Main3 Wanted male doberman puppy with docked tail.
Main3 Can I add my GSD confirmation title to her pedigree when I register her
Boxer3 Acronym Questions for Titles listed on Pedigree
Main3 The war on opioid medication has reached veterinary practices
Rottweiler2 Registration numbers
Main2 Ear Tipping of Import Malinois ? A thing or not a thing..
German Shepherd Dog1 Laska XVIII
Main1 A question for all the Sieger Show people on here

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