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 Help needed in Colorado Springs areaSam142764129.4 years ago by DebiSue >> (goto)
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 Newborn with Cleft PalletRockyMud147269.4 years ago by RockyMud >> (goto)
 SV QuestionFEMAK995019.4 years ago by Aqua >> (goto)
 AWDF Championship??KariM188429.4 years ago by Aqua >> (goto)
 Oli - may we please have a "goto" function?Aqua112539.4 years ago by ecs >> (goto)
 SHOW DATESHeather6930 
 very dark tonguemidnightsday276549.4 years ago by ecs >> (goto)
 Nevermind...thanks anyway - pages | 2| 3| rowdyreiner3143219.4 years ago by DebiSue >> (goto)
 How to figure out Titles - pages | 2| blondee1271381139.4 years ago by blondee127 >> (goto)
 Enhancing a GSD's natural protective instinctstriodegirl276439.4 years ago by k9ulf >> (goto)
 Early Neurological Stimulationbeetree140549.4 years ago by VomMarischal >> (goto)
 What has happened to the Database - pages | 2| 3| dogshome93117219.4 years ago by Pharaoh >> (goto)
 Daelenbergutte Kennelsderrick15420 
 Show lead?Liesjers96229.4 years ago by Liesjers >> (goto)
 frozen semen from swedenDannyJ115219.4 years ago by Psycht >> (goto)
 Puppy Mill??JaxsMom213149.4 years ago by windwalker18 >> (goto)
 new websolopastoraleman7550 

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