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 possible bloatheidi879207469 years ago by SitasMom >> (goto)
 Puppies are here!!northwoodsGSD129079 years ago by delacruz germanshepherds >> (goto)
 Canadian Kennel club studbooks...joss100319 years ago by Jaquenetta >> (goto)
 Coprophagiaathene342331689 years ago by gwendydoll >> (goto)
 Brags!!!melba109879 years ago by Jyl >> (goto)
 Hip Dysplasia (pain relief) - pages | 2| KATS8170119 years ago by lilysmom >> (goto)
 Sorry I have to bragdogshome9122799 years ago by Tygerlily >> (goto)
 2008 BSZS Show ResultsLDB779919 years ago by SitasMom >> (goto)
 German Shepherd Show Diarymyfanwy6650 
 Are you a German ShepherddAWgESOME88649 years ago by VonIsengard >> (goto)
 Help needed in Colorado Springs areaSam142762129 years ago by DebiSue >> (goto)
 SHOW DATES - pages | 2| Heather1311129 years ago by myfanwy >> (goto)
 Understanding ratingmaxandruby104519 years ago by maxandruby >> (goto)
 Newborn with Cleft PalletRockyMud145469 years ago by RockyMud >> (goto)
 SV QuestionFEMAK993319 years ago by Aqua >> (goto)
 AWDF Championship??KariM186429 years ago by Aqua >> (goto)
 Oli - may we please have a "goto" function?Aqua110939 years ago by ecs >> (goto)
 SHOW DATESHeather6660 
 very dark tonguemidnightsday273849 years ago by ecs >> (goto)
 Nevermind...thanks anyway - pages | 2| 3| rowdyreiner3098219 years ago by DebiSue >> (goto)

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