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Puppies for sale

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 Any GSD owner will appreciate this!kayiyacreekkennels115379.5 years ago by Two Moons >> (goto)
 Horncastle open showlinedancer 137290 
 heat behaviors? - pages | 2| SitasMom2915199.5 years ago by DebiSue >> (goto)
 UPDATE ON THE HAUGHMILL SAGA - pages | 2| jaymesie514832109.5 years ago by funky munky >> (goto)
 Born with no tail!Janette12310 
 Help on food for our new GSD - pages | 2| StarryNite1806109.5 years ago by rowdyreiner >> (goto)
 Here's my boy - pages | 2| JRANSOM2434149.5 years ago by SitasMom >> (goto)
 FALSE PEDIGREES!!! - pages | 2| ladywolf451694012149.5 years ago by MAC70031 >> (goto)
 John Stolarz - Mid West Detection Dogs - Are They Real or ScamMorganHorses370329.5 years ago by Wufpack >> (goto)
 Congrats to Steinig Tal KennelsnorthwoodsGSD11590 

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