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Pedigree Database

IPO3 V Dark Sable
Male for sale

Amazing female Nora v. Ljulin ready to breed
Female for sale

very nice IPO1 male with Kkl
Male for sale

Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2018

ForumReplies Thread
49 BH Training Resources
German Shepherd Dog22 Tomorrow is going to be a heartbreaker 💔
Main19 Questions about importing!
Main16 amazing dog
Main15 R.I.P. Xena!!! I miss you!!
Main11 Any ideas of what could be wrong?
Sport/working Enthusiasts9 10 month old WL without intensity
German Shepherd Dog7 Beckett vom Frauengarten 10/27/2006-1/16/2017
Main7 Best method for Flying with new puppy
Main6 Adding a kennel to the breeder's page
Main6 Can pull hair backwards on back of 5 week old puppy to tell if it is sable?
Main6 How do you switch pedigree ownership on this site?
Main6 INT and DI---what do they mean
Main4 Cook Farm Kennel Brown Summit, NC
Belgian Malinois3 BIG ROY
Main3 New to events would like to learn more.
Main3 Best flea and tick medicine?
Main2 Using calsorb during Whelping
Main2 GR-ZW for GSD
Training and Obedience2 Jasko von der Schillerstraße - first protection
Main2 Breeders edge oral cal plus
Main2 Breed Book
Main2 Getting pictures to save to pedigree
Main1 Contacting Admins
Main1 Con artist in serbia
Main1 breeding
Main1 Added a dog by accident...
Main0 Bonding Advice Needed
Main0 Nino-Rocco aus dem Schessburg
Training and Obedience0 Ultimate von Gut Korten - obedience & protection 3-4 months
Main0 Moving Shot

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