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Velesich Gorinich Zmey - Dog: Velesich Gorynych Zmey

07/201214/06/1220.11.1220.11.1220.11.1220.11.1220.11.12Training, Jan Skogster, FinlandTraining, Jan Skogster, FinlandTraining, Jan Skogster, FinlandGor, 07/13workingworkingworkingworkingworkingworkingGor, 08/12Gor, 08/12Gor, 08/12Gor, 08/12Gor, 08/12Training, Jan Skogster, Finlandwork120142014201420142014


Starting Your Dog in Tracking

Starting Your Dog in Tracking

Tracking is a sport where the people take the passenger’s seat.  The dog is in the lead and is able to confidently do what comes naturally to it, and we must learn to trust in this ability.  For some people, trusting the dog and letting it lead are two of the hardest parts of beginning work in tracking.

  • The Importance of Socializing Your Dog

    The personality of a dog is flexible and indeterminate. Dogs can be exuberant or shy; friendly or hostile; fearful or bold; aggressive or passive or some combination of the above. These differences in personality may to some extent be determined by breed, or individual genetics, but for the most part it is based on how and to what extent each particular dog has been socialized.

  • What is Schutzhund and IPO?

    The origins of all training, such as Schutzhund or IPO, are based in Germany.  These training tests were developed as a primary method of producing top level German Shepherd Dogs.  They were geared to identify suitability of individual dogs for work in several formats


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