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Daro- Lollo

Due 21 apr 2021

Parents: SG Daro von den Koschis IPO3 and V Lollobrigida vom Hochheimer Stein IGP 2

Posted by: jbaker1980, country: United States

"B" litter

Due 21 apr 2021

Parents: Sachem Creed Lamphere and Roseannalee Chloy Sky Roundtree

Posted by: Renai, country: United States

Willow vom Extreme Haus x Aaligator von Skorpionenblut

Due 28 apr 2021

Parents: SG Aaligator von Skorpionenblut BH IPO1 and Willow Vom Extreme Haus CGC

Posted by: vonwillowgermanshepherds, country: United States


Due 01 may 2021

Parents: SG43 BSZS 2018, VA7 USCA Sieger show Pepe Gayville’s IPO3,KKL and FREDA VON WA-BO

Posted by: Angel Nicanor, country: United States

Shield Echo x Sabbath spring 2021

Due 02 may 2021

Parents: CH Sabbath Vom Hismerh and IntCH, V1 Echo von Shield

Posted by: ShieldKennels, country: United States

"W" vom Boeselager

Due 05 may 2021

Parents: V Arek von der Wedeme IPO3 and Imarah vom Boeselager

Posted by: Kelly M Shaw, country: United States


Due 06 may 2021

Parents: Astro Rexie and Monalisa Nishka

Posted by: Thoithi, country: Kenya


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