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 Interested in owning my first mal! - pages | 2| RayT3140123.3 years ago by RayT >> (goto)
 Arturo De La TorreLaker11650 
 How do contact Adminboxer247123433.4 years ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
 STOLEN in BORNEM (BELGIUM) Malinois ORANGE (microchip) puppy, female June 10th 2015 Stolen Pets688313.6 years ago by Stolen Pets >> (goto)
 Is this a Malinois? Please help! - pages | 2| equitraining11671133.6 years ago by Koots >> (goto)
 Weight and size questionWissbjj442623.7 years ago by hntrjmpr434 >> (goto)
 Belgian Malinois ear concern.aboo008405513.7 years ago by AnaSilva >> (goto)
 DNA Testing For Breed I think she is a Malinois or Mix - pages | 2| Pvill7711113.7 years ago by hntrjmpr434 >> (goto)

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