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by Woodyard171 on 31 May 2016 - 22:05

 This is my malinois Cain he was born 2/23/2016. Can I get some thoughts on his pedigree? You can look it up in the pedigree search under The Wrath of Cain Thanks!

An image


by Kaffirdog on 01 June 2016 - 16:06

Was this pup from a planned mating as mother to son matings are not usually advised.

Margaret N-J

by yhecht on 01 June 2016 - 16:06

Actually the SV does not allow them. AKC doesn't care as long as they get their money. The law does not allow mother to son marriages because it can cause inbreeding problems and the same for dogs. There may be health, mental/temperament problems in the future.


by susie on 01 June 2016 - 17:06

Great name seem to like movies... Wink Smile

by Woodyard171 on 01 June 2016 - 17:06

I'm not sure if they meant to inbreed them. It was the dams second litter and the sires first litter. I didn't find out that he was inbreed until after I got his pedigree in the mail. He is healthy and is a great pup. I want to get him ofa checked for his hips elbows and eyes. Would it be fine for breeding him down the line with another malinois that isnt from the same bloodline? Also I named him after cain and abel.


by bubbabooboo on 01 June 2016 - 19:06

woodyard171 ... don't sweat it. The fact is that every human, dog, cat and mouse has 3-5 genes that if fully expressed would kill us. It's partially the genes you have and partially how those genes are expressed. Your dog would be just fine for breeding to less related individuals ( pretty much all purebred dogs are related to some degree ). Don't get me wrong .. your dog is highly inbred and it may end up causing serious problems .. however it may end up not causing problems. My advice is don't sweat the genetics .. that ship has sailed. Now concentrate on the environment which will determine roughly 70% or more of how your dog's life turns out. Feed a diet of animal protein and animal fats with low carbohydrates. Give the fewest vaccinations necessary to meet the legal requirement .. over vaccination is likely to cause health problems down the road in later life in the form of allergies or diseases. Don't neuter your dog or if you do only do so after he is 18-24 months of age. Give or apply the least possible flea and tick control insecticides to your dog .. understand the pests and only apply insecticides when these pests are a threat. Give your pup plenty of exercise if you want strong bones and good skeletal strength and joints. I mean real exercise .. let him run until his tongue hangs out and he lays down and rests .. then when he is rested let him run again. If possible let your dog socialize with other dogs. There are some things only a dog can teach a dog. If you can put him in a large pen or back yard with another dog ( preferably a female ) and let them run and play all day that is perfect .. just make sure they have water, shade and they don't fight. Build a strong relationship with your dog based on mutual trust and respect. I took one of my early pups to a state park and we went on 5-10 mile hikes every day it was not raining for 3-4 months between the time he was 3 months to 7 months. The relationship of trust and respect that we formed on those walks has paid dividends to this day for both of us. Interact and give your dogs mental stimulation .. call it whatever you want .. training, playing games, dog education .. if your dog trusts and respects you they will only want to be with you and they will love to interact with you.  Everything is important .. genetics is just one factor .. plenty of reading on this forum and in web sites about all the topics that I mentioned.

by Woodyard171 on 01 June 2016 - 19:06

Thank you for all the information, I've been taking him on walks everyday and to the dog park a couple times a week with my husky so he is very social with dogs, just need to socialize him more with people. I'm training him obedience and then protection work also. I post pictures and videos of him a couple times a week if anyone wants to see him his instagram is @thewrathofcain


by susie on 01 June 2016 - 19:06

Woodyard, don´t think about "breeding" yet - it´s a long way...
In case you really want to breed him later on just google for "Malinois, KNPV, Ring Sport, IPO, standard, health requirements" and so on.
In case your dog will be a good /PROOVED ( in case of working ), HEALTHY Malinois later on, it´s time to think about any suitable matings - but in that case you will know a lot more about your dog and its breed...
Right now - just have fun with your pup!
Kind regards

by Woodyard171 on 01 June 2016 - 20:06

I know I wouldn't let him breed until he is atleast 2 and has been cheeked for all his health and is a healthy pup. I was just thinking of getting a female from a reputable kennel in about a year or 2 is the only reason I was asking. Thanks for all the info. If I was to ever get another malinois what is a good kennel in the usa? I was looking into ot vitosha and was thinking about contacting them when im ready for another pup.


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