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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois
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The History

Conny des Ardents Fauves born on Jan 01, 1978
Conny des Ardents Fauves
Vidoc du Boscaille born on Mar 23, 1972
Vidoc du Boscaille

Sample photo gallery

Mondioring - Dog:UKC RBIS Emcat's The Horsemen Ride

Malady in training for Mondioring


An Introduction to Herding

An Introduction to Herding

Herding is one of oldest canine activities available.  It has real world applications and is still in place for viable farm assistance in many places.  For urban individuals, herding has become more of a training activity for competition for those breeds of dogs with natural instinct.

  • Questions to Ask a Breeder

    If you have decided on a breed of dog, then probably you have already done a decent amount of research about that particular breed’s characteristics, history, temperament, appearance and potential health problems. Then again, maybe you have selected a breed based on childhood memories of another dog or because a

  • The Cost of Owning a Dog

    If you ever owned a dog when you were a child, you can probably recall the joy and exhilaration you felt every day, playing with your best buddy. Once you grew up and (assuming you) started a family, you probably wanted your kid(s) to experience the same things that you did. A loving, loyal, fun-loving animal companion is one of the best things in the world.

Recently added pedigrees

Odír Adlerburg von Ungarn

Odír Adlerburg von Ungarn

Inserted:23 hours ago
Male (2880679)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by Timea
Tango Delta Saj

Protection K9 Tango Delta Saj

Inserted:2 days ago
Male (2880326)
Father: Raf Delta Saj
Mother: Jada OT Vitosha
CL Deva Chandra

CL Deva Chandra

Inserted:6 days ago
Female (2879232)
Father: Iago de Vulcain
Mother: Chandra de Vulcain
Created by CorazonDiablo
Agoge K9's Rogue

Agoge K9's Rogue

Inserted:8 days ago
Female (2878943)
Father: Nero van de Annahenhof
Mother: Rogue von Armour
Created by AgogeK9
Glock Delta Saj

Glock Delta Saj

Inserted:8 days ago
Male (2878891)
Father: Raf Delta Saj
Mother: Jada OT Vitosha

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Super puppies from Team Marlboro Hilton
13:33 08 May 2019
United States

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