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 vantin the know1367719.2 years ago by in the know >> (goto)
 Very promising black and yellow litter in the end of JuneKompanija1375819.4 years ago by Kompanija >> (goto)
 Toby De VereDaisyboo1449619.4 years ago by Daisyboo >> (goto)
 Mielopatiailcantodeilupi1003319.5 years ago by ilcantodeilupi >> (goto)
 expected litter 'G' by KALPAZAN kenneltarantul752619.6 years ago by tarantul >> (goto)
 Conflicting Information About Dog's Lineage?? Painters Daily DoubleKelly Jean713229.6 years ago by UDXVPG3 >> (goto)
 Silver Labsmichael681278849.6 years ago by Kelly Jean >> (goto)
 Where is this man now?Adrian Reid278819.6 years ago by Adrian Reid >> (goto)
 Pedigree query? - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| mdsmith46322749.6 years ago by nettle >> (goto)
 John Vant - Labrador seller tel 07775297727E Smith563339.6 years ago by E Smith >> (goto)
 pedigree queryinca327449.7 years ago by E Smith >> (goto)
 john vantin the know309429.7 years ago by E Smith >> (goto)
 pedigree queryjedward291429.7 years ago by E Smith >> (goto)
 New pedigree'sOli184719.8 years ago by Oli >> (goto)
 Need Stud dog Lab prefer yellow,Will drive from Twin Falls IdahoBundishep272719.8 years ago by Bundishep >> (goto)
 AKC registered Lab pups. all colorslilscorpio118302186219.8 years ago by lilscorpio118302 >> (goto)
 Looking for female field lab - pages | 2| 3| moose1288346239.9 years ago by Big Brad >> (goto)
 New born puppies - litter 'F' by KALPAZAN kenneltarantul1547129.9 years ago by Big Brad >> (goto)
 Wanted: High Drive Labs for narcotics and explosives trainingK9 Solutions Center504239.9 years ago by Big Brad >> (goto)
 expected litter 'C' by KALPAZAN kenneltarantul351229.9 years ago by Big Brad >> (goto)


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