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by Daisyboo on 19 May 2011 - 11:05

Hi, a friend of mine was thinking of buying a lab, I checked the web site that I got my lab from,, and couldn't find it. I bought a puppy in October 2009, from Toby, from that web I live near Windsor so it was quite a treck to go all the way to his kennels. I was bemused at the directions he gave me, I had ti keep stopping at places to phone him to get the next bit of the journey... We saw our puppy 3 times over the weeks and picked her up on 21 Oct 2009. She was poorly for several weeks but, touch wood is a lovely energetic dog. Problem is now I have started to dig deeper, I do not like what I am finding. The pedigree certificate, Gamefield Tilly, mum, and Gamefield Diamond, Dad dont exist although the grandparents, Craighorn Bracken, Lakedown Sedge, do...Has anyone else got a pup from this litter? I must say, the kennels were imaculate, piped music, only one dog barked, I just phoned the vets where she had her jabs before we picked her up and they seem to think they were o.k. I am very confused. The only Gamefield Labs I can find are in New Zealand.


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