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by E Smith on 07 February 2011 - 22:02

 Reading all the posts on this dodgy company, is making my blood boil, please people DO NOT BUY from this man, CW Limited, is the latest company, he has so many, such a fraudster, no paperwork, cant tell me where the registered puppy s regsitered too! And I dont mind if I had paid a few hundred, but paid for a pedigree, KC regsitered puppy to perhaps show..
I am mad, and persusing small claims court, but would loive to have some back up from all those posts, and we will put an end to this nasty human being, who is prob a millionaire, but has no humanity and care of the welfare of animals!

by Mr kieran feeney on 09 March 2011 - 18:03

 we brought from this guy 9 months ago.. i have no idea whether he is a pedigree. have no idea if he's registered, i have a green bit of paper with the name drelingore on it, im guessing the parents name or something? i cant find this anywhere. have sent of the registration form months ago, no reply.. looking up the post code tells me its a place in london, but cant confirm it being anything to do with dogs.
having said all this, my dog is jus over 9 months, but seems fine. i no reading from other posts that others are ill.. i dont no where to start with all this as im not too clued up on the whole process of this matter. 
i dont no if iv been ripped off or not

by E Smith on 10 March 2011 - 20:03

Its the same place by the looks, a lady in Guildford called Diane, which initially was this guys daughter, until I satrted investiagating, and she surprisingly has nothing to do with him anymore?
The place in London, I bet this is McCormack International, that I posted letters to, and surprisingly they never arrived!
I have gone to trading standards who say this company has nothing to do with dogs!
It is appauling all thats been wrote, and I cannot belive he is getting away with it!
We just need to keep reporting, and hopefully someone will listen. As its the sales of goods act, as he is selling pedigree, registered puppies, and they arent either, and I dont know what you paid but £500, is what a resitered pedigree should be!
If you have paperwork you can follow this up with trading standards,
Hopefully he will get his pay back soon!


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