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The History

Riesenblut's Walkure born on Nov 30, 1977
CH (US) Riesenblut's Walkure
Bern vom Schloßfelsen born on Apr 05, 1937
Bern vom Schloßfelsen

Sample photo gallery

Дети от Руфуса и Кассандры - Dog:JCHUA Maestro Bravo Rufus


The Role of Diet and Exercise

The Role of Diet and Exercise

There are many factors that come into play in the mental and physical health of a dog, but perhaps two of the most important are diet and exercise.  Diet and exercise aren’t just important for the high energy performance or working dog.  They are key for the average pet dog as well. 

  • The Cost of Owning a Dog

    If you ever owned a dog when you were a child, you can probably recall the joy and exhilaration you felt every day, playing with your best buddy. Once you grew up and (assuming you) started a family, you probably wanted your kid(s) to experience the same things that you did. A loving, loyal, fun-loving animal companion is one of the best things in the world.

  • Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?

    If you read the labels on the back of commercially-prepared dog food, at first glance it might appear as if they are well-fortified with all the nutrients a dog needs to stay healthy. But if you read a little more closely, you will soon realize that this kind of food is heavily laced with preservatives, additives and other kinds of 

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