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Young Female VA1 Willy daughther
Female for sale

VA1 Gary vom Hühnegrab Son For Sale!!!!
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The History

Orpal vom Stolzenfels born on Apr 07, 1930
Orpal vom Stolzenfels
Frei von Loher-Stein born on Apr 06, 1975
Frei von Loher-Stein

Sample photo gallery

Ugo Rock pictures - Dog: Ugo Rock Van Rossland

Ugo Rock

rocky1rocky2rocky3rocky4rocky5rocky6rocky7rocky & ginnierocky & ginnierocky & ginnie 2rocky frontrocky side


Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with Your Dog

Dogs are a part of the family, and they go everywhere with us.  Whether it just a short trip for an errand, to the park, to a training class, or to a competitive event, you have to plan ahead to travel safely with your dog.

  • The Belgian Malinios

    The Belgian Malinios is also known as the Belgian Shepherd. However, despite its superficial resemblance to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinios is actually a type of sheep dog. Weighing in at 60 to 80 pounds when fully grown, and measuring between 22 and 26 inches in height, the Malinios is classified as a medium-sized working dog.

  • HD Zuchtwert Breed Value Assessment Number

    The best tool for breeders in the fight against canine hip dysplasia (CHD), to come along in years, is the SV's HD Zuchtwert, or Breed value assessment number (HD ZW). The HD ZW number is an estimation of the probability that a dog will produce progeny with CHD. 

Recently added pedigrees

Ilaria von Templa Paestum

Ilaria von Templa Paestum

Inserted:32 minutes ago
Female (2859748)
Tesoro’s Got Bling

Tesoro’s Got Bling

Inserted:39 minutes ago
Female (2859747)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by UPNorthGSDs
Archiebold von Halbinsel

Archiebold von Halbinsel

Inserted:55 minutes ago
Male (2859746)
Akiros vom elite haus

Akiros vom elite haus

Inserted:98 minutes ago
Male (2859729)
Ofra vom Gründauer Hain

Ofra vom Gründauer Hain

Inserted:102 minutes ago
Female (2859728)
Father: VA3 Cronos del Seprio
Mother: Lou vom Gründauer Hain
Created by senose

Sample premiums

German Shepherd Female (Bohemia Lines) $1200
05:49 08 Mar 2019
United States
Top litter from V1 Kranichzug Oscar
14:14 20 Mar 2019
United States

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