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The History

Zello von der Vallendarer Höhe born on Jul 03, 1976
V Zello von der Vallendarer Höhe
Artus vom Richterbach born on Sep 16, 1954
V Artus vom Richterbach

Sample photo gallery


The Belgian Malinios

The Belgian Malinios

The Belgian Malinios is also known as the Belgian Shepherd. However, despite its superficial resemblance to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinios is actually a type of sheep dog. Weighing in at 60 to 80 pounds when fully grown, and measuring between 22 and 26 inches in height, the Malinios is classified as a medium-sized working dog.

  • An Introduction to Competitive Obedience

    Everyone is familiar with sit, down, and come and other similar commands that are standard fare in the general obedience training class.  The novice handler might not be familiar with what competitive obedience looks like or realize that it’s really just a continuation of those basic skills.

  • An Introduction to Clicker Training

    If you’re not directly familiar with clicker training, you might be a little confused on what exactly this style of training is all about.  It is a newer style (although has been known and used for many decades) of training in the sense that it took a while for dog trainers to really hook onto it. 

Recently added pedigrees

Leahs crazy play ddh

Leahs crazy play ddh

Inserted:47 minutes ago
Female (2837402)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by Hilltopgermanshepherds
johnson kamos jipo-me

johnson kamos jipo-me

Inserted:48 minutes ago
Male (2837401)
Father: Jak Jipo-Me
Mother: Leahs crazy play ddh
Created by Hilltopgermanshepherds
Aja Vom Kuckucksland

Aja Vom Kuckucksland

Inserted:81 minutes ago
Female (2837399)
Father: V3 Netzer von Aducht
Mother: Xana Vom Kuckucksland
Created by AmyT
Xaro de cuatro Reinas

Xaro de cuatro Reinas

Inserted:2 hours ago
Male (2837397)
Malaika vom Dortmunder

SG Malaika vom Dortmunder

Inserted:2 hours ago
Female (2837396)
Father: VA Santo vom Leithawald
Mother: V Madonna v Bullinger
Created by lsmith

Sample premiums

Zorro Vom La'Mirage son bred to a Baru daughter
17:24 23 Dec 2018
United States
Male and Female Pups For Sale 5.5 months
21:50 05 Jan 2019
United States
Marlo vom Bacara grand puppies
20:10 05 Dec 2018
United States
FEMALE SABLES WORKINGLINE Solid nerves and drives
Crooked Creek Ranch
20:47 20 Jan 2019
United States
Girmo z Cagova rajeSold out

Girmo z Cagova raje

Male for sale
22:11 27 Dec 2018
Czech Republic

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