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 Updating dogs pedigree on this websiteAndersons AB176653.2 years ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
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 New Agility titles :D - pages | 2| dragonfry6731113.8 years ago by Dawulf >> (goto)
 Opie Slaid GravesPamela2heaven1252564.2 years ago by Pamela2heaven >> (goto)
 Question regarding Dam and SirePamela2heaven97370 
 BEWARE BREEDER - pages | 2| Bluesmom35464164.5 years ago by gsdstudent >> (goto)
 Johnson / Scott / ? - pages | 2| twoclones40057164.5 years ago by dragonfry >> (goto)
 Training photos from last nightdragonfry144070 
 Pedigree/papers question - pages | 2| 3| ncarreiro061943696214.9 years ago by melba >> (goto)
 berber chopper/tina berberGarnetts AAB1757865 years ago by Garnetts AAB >> (goto)
 It seems that very few breeders finish their females and get clearances and just breed. - pages | 2| Rebazak32079175 years ago by dragonfry >> (goto)
 Johnson's American Bulldog Mr. AmosTerrithomas1232416215 years ago by Rebazak >> (goto)
 BEWARE Breederwblair09042295745.1 years ago by jdiaz1791 >> (goto)
 changing info on my siteRebazak2259125.2 years ago by HilaryPaton >> (goto)
 New photo of Payne UKC showing. - pages | 2| dragonfry36970165.2 years ago by dravensgl >> (goto)
 Hate my neighbors (Caution adult cuss words) - pages | 2| 3| 4| dragonfry71733385.3 years ago by GK1 >> (goto)
 Jumping Bulldog!dragonfry3587085.3 years ago by GK1 >> (goto)
 looking for information on these two american bulldogsdravensgl2183825.3 years ago by dragonfry >> (goto)

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