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The History

Scott's Bucking Bronco Bill born on Sep 29, 1973
Scott's Bucking Bronco Bill
Show biz Fairy Prince born on Jul 14, 1973
AM CAN CH Show biz Fairy Prince

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Sample American Bulldog pedigrees

Sofia of Kiev Venturesome
Chestnut's Little Julee
Razors Edge Kaos (BR)
Deitchman's Abri
Sargent Bubba
CCK's Dick the Bruiser PH-0.45/0.36
Blue Collar Bullies' Rockin' Lyric
Sound AB's Maggie x EHAB's Tank Litter of 7 Males
Blue River's Frankenstein
Roco of S33k
Babala Del Lliebeig
Shirinyan's Pandemonium
Kauli-Bulls Caya
Ren-Scot's Bob Marley

American Bulldog Information

Sample American Bulldog classifieds

Black Nose Male - TYSON  $1,000. Producer & STUD
Champion Bred Standard Puppies Due
NKC Blue American Bulldogs
AB 4 months RedNose TUNDRA Reduced $850 Blue Eyes
Classic American Bulldog Puppies- available
Maddock's Style , American Bulldogs pups !

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