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Long haired full pedigree american bulldog1.8 years agoAmerican Bulldog
pedigree1.9 years agoAmerican Bulldog

The History

Scott's Bucking Bronco Bill born on Sep 29, 1973
Scott's Bucking Bronco Bill
Johnson's Dick the Bruiser born on Jan 01, 1956
FOUNDATION DOG Johnson's Dick the Bruiser

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Blue River's Frankenstein
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Babala Del Lliebeig
Bulls of Crown,s Freddy Krueger of Keltaraura
Shirinyan's Pandemonium
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American Bulldog Jumping Jack
American Bulldog Jumping Jack pups
Fêmea disponível !
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American Bulldog Jumping Jack
Adorable American bulldog puppies for sale!
Female Puppy for sale!!!
American Bulldog Jumping Jack

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