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Due 22 oct 2020

Parents: TTL High Roller and Tuff Mothers Blue Rain

Posted by: peekabooABD, country: Australia

Double bo sumo coco

Due 23 oct 2020

Parents: Brave Heart Sumo SQUAT and Tucker's Coco

Posted by: GiantBulldogPlains, country: United States

Mack X Dutchess

Due 26 oct 2020

Parents: SRT's /Manasco's Mack and Manasco’s Dutchess of SRT

Posted by: Manascos american Bulldogs, country: United States

Diezel & Molly Litter

Due 02 nov 2020

Parents: Champion Vergara Bulls Mighty Diezel of Chiaradia's and Lunatic Kennel Molly of Vergara Bulls

Posted by: Dees Bullies, country: United States

The Lord of the Rings

Due 05 nov 2020

Parents: Big Buffalo Lebo and BERSERKER'S " Ambull by Hadade's Miss MIRA "

Posted by: pusky, country: Romania

Shiva X Hogwarts

Due 05 nov 2020

Parents: ABA Jr Ch, UKC CH, ABKC Ch Best Buds Hogwarts and Birts Bitch Wheres My Hog

Posted by: Bestbudsamericanbulldogs, country: United States

Hardtimes Rico & Vergara Bulls Kalina

Due 25 nov 2020

Parents: Hardtimes Rico and Vergara Bulls Kalina

Posted by: Dees Bullies, country: United States

Theora American Bulldogs - Jax x Winter

Due 01 dec 2020

Parents: Theora's Heartbreaker of LRK and Theora's Dracarys

Posted by: theorabulldogs, country: Australia

A litter

Due 01 jan 2021

Parents: Julio’s Zeus of Nielsen’s and Harmons Irma

Posted by: knielsen1981, country: United States


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