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Main show at 12.09.2004 OG Naturpark DümmerRomina Baumgarten3714413.9 years ago by Silbersee >> (goto)
Main Karats Ulk - pages | 2| gsddebby135691313.9 years ago by PatrickUlk >> (goto)
Main Angulation on young bitchPetros3422413.9 years ago by redcap >> (goto)
Main Yak vom FrankengoldPetros5326213.9 years ago by Petros >> (goto)
Main 2004 Seiger show Opinionsrealone4621113.9 years ago by MAVERICK >> (goto)
Main Flying tailPetros6917513.9 years ago by Preston >> (goto)
Main please remember, love the GSDS, again! - pages | 2| GSDNewbie60951113.9 years ago by Dawnmarie >> (goto)
Main silly comments - pages | 2| elizabeth134821613.9 years ago by elizabeth >> (goto)
Main opinion of the board members - pages | 2| 3| elizabeth269562213.9 years ago by elizabeth >> (goto)
Main Looking for Bedwins LucyGSDsLover5864313.9 years ago by bilko >> (goto)
Main Yak vom Frankengold - pages | 2| Petros113631213.9 years ago by M.Carter >> (goto)
Main Boarding Dogmichelle@rainbowhighway.com4973813.9 years ago by >> (goto)
Main 2005 German Sieger ShowDawn G. Bonome4902313.9 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main VA 11, aike zum gigelsfelsengsd genetics4212213.9 years ago by HOWDEDO >> (goto)
Main 2004 Seiger show OpinionsDoomsayer4692813.9 years ago by Hal >> (goto)
Main Re: Unknown dog with tatoo (for lioness 9918)marion6087313.9 years ago by marion >> (goto)
Main Uran vom MoorbeckDawn G. Bonome5501213.9 years ago by Elsadhai >> (goto)
Main Impressions of Pakros D'UlmentalJohntic4271413.9 years ago by sago >> (goto)
Main Urma Books at NASS 2004Nikki4578213.9 years ago by Dawnmarie >> (goto)

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