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Due 06 jun 2020

Parents: King Ragnar CGCU CGCA TKN and Queen Freya Von Haus Thornhill CGC TKN

Posted by: Thornhill1230, country: United States

Litter A de Uva

Due 05 jun 2020


Posted by: Ironblade, country: Peru

Sparky & Zima

Due 03 jun 2020

Parents: Sparky Varick and Redwood Run’s Zima Vom Schmidtenhausen TKN, RN

Posted by: cxkimball, country: United States

Shield O litter Affrie and Bogey

Due 02 jun 2020

Parents: Bart z Vrchu Dobry and HnrCH, IntCH, NatCH V1 Aphrodite von Shield

Posted by: ShieldKennels, country: United States


Due 02 jun 2020

Parents: Leon Barracuda LJU and jCH LV, CH LV Fendi Grand Imperial

Posted by: Alpina, country: Latvia

c litter vom Rheinland

Due 02 jun 2020

Parents: Itano vom Gimpelwald and SG Molly von der Borngasse BH, IPO2

Posted by: Pia, country: United States

Vom Brenzelfeld

Due 01 jun 2020

Parents: V1 Best Youthdog in Show Bodyguard de la frisone liberté and Hykira van Rokpinsch

Posted by: KrissyMalinois, country: Germany

Wunderkind; Sirius x Indie

Due 01 jun 2020

Parents: CH SKANSEN'S PRISONER OF AZKABAN and Wunderkind Velvet Indigo On The Rock

Posted by: Mark Allen, country: United States


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