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Костюм - Dog:V Хартли Девилс Цара

Готовилась на рукав, на костюм попробовали в 2-летнем возрасте, в трёхлетнем - ещё несколько занятий.



The Role of Diet and Exercise

The Role of Diet and Exercise

There are many factors that come into play in the mental and physical health of a dog, but perhaps two of the most important are diet and exercise.  Diet and exercise aren’t just important for the high energy performance or working dog.  They are key for the average pet dog as well. 

  • Understanding the Siegerschau "T" rating

    If you are wondering why some of the previous years' top placing dogs can't be found in the current year's top placings, it MAY be because they have been placed in the "T" Category listing at the BOTTOM of their Class!!

  • Different Dogs: Different Exercise Needs

    All dogs need to be exercised everyday in some form or fashion.  The most common method is through the walk around the neighborhood, but is a short walk around the block enough exercise for your particular dog?


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