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The History

South Bay Gerda born on Oct 21, 1921
South Bay Gerda
Caralon's Ondra VD Lockenheim born on Jan 11, 1974
Caralon's Ondra VD Lockenheim

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Нагир работа - Dog: Nagir Uzun Korgan



How to Choose the Right Breed for You

How to Choose the Right Breed for You

So you have made the decision to get a dog. Perhaps you had a bad experience once before with a dog who you thought was cute or friendly, but then when you got him home he turned out to be a holy terror, and the whole thing turned into a nightmare. Even if you have never had such a bad experience, the fact remains that choosing a pet is a life-changing decision, and it is one that takes a lot of thought and research.

  • The Role of Diet and Exercise

    There are many factors that come into play in the mental and physical health of a dog, but perhaps two of the most important are diet and exercise.  Diet and exercise aren’t just important for the high energy performance or working dog.  They are key for the average pet dog as well. 

  • Finding a Dog Trainer

    Half the battle of dog training is finding the right training class and the right trainer to assist you along the way.  Not all dog trainers or classes are created equal! There are a lot of differences among trainers, and you need to be prepared to find the best one for you and your dog.

Recently added pedigrees

Dash Seahawk Jukasu

Dash Seahawk Jukasu

Inserted:8 minutes ago
Male (2836731)
Father: Porthos z Jukasu
Mother: Andela Seahawk
Created by Nicksaunto


Inserted:16 minutes ago
Female (2836728)
Father: SG3 SER Edward Feetback
Mother: Jenna vom Fanino
Created by sakis vach
Stroud Rocko

Stroud Rocko

Inserted:84 minutes ago
Male (2836694)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by KeithH
Honda di villa Cucinotta

Honda di villa Cucinotta

Inserted:116 minutes ago
Female (2836692)
Father: Max-Me
Mother: G Flora di villa Cucinotta
Created by Festus
Honey di villa Cucinotta

Honey di villa Cucinotta

Inserted:119 minutes ago
Female (2836691)
Father: Max-Me
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by Festus

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Long coated german shepherd puppies red/blk
04:19 11 Jan 2019
United States
Yanett z Kurimskeho haje
12:22 03 Jan 2019
Czech Republic
son from SG4 IPO3 Kkl1 Freddi vom Modithor
Acelin German Shepherds
21:54 17 Oct 2018
United States
Black Show line female for sale
Acelin German Shepherds
20:49 07 Oct 2018
United States
Male and Female Pups For Sale 5.5 months
21:50 05 Jan 2019
United States

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