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The History

Tosca of Cosalta born on Mar 11, 1942
CH (US) Tosca of Cosalta
Royal Rogue of Long Worth born on Jul 26, 1949
CH Royal Rogue of Long Worth

Sample photo gallery

Training Mondio - Dog:V Kelvin van Tiekerhook

Training MondioTraining MondioMondio in MoscowMondio in MoscowTraining MondioTraining MondioTraining MondioTraining MondioTraining MondioTraining MondioMondio in MoscowTraining MondioTraining MondioTraining MondioTraining MondioMondio in MoscowMondio in MoscowMondio in Moscow31.03.2012


Training a SAR (Search and Rescue) Dog

Training a SAR (Search and Rescue) Dog

A well trained SAR dog is a sight to behold.  The dog can evenly maneuver the most difficult of terrain with the grace of a mountain goat all the while looking for a trapped or hidden human being.  This type of work is often done on the fly, at the drop of the hat, with little advanced warning.  It requires a talented dog and a special handler willing to invest the time and effort.

  • An Introduction to Clicker Training

    If you’re not directly familiar with clicker training, you might be a little confused on what exactly this style of training is all about.  It is a newer style (although has been known and used for many decades) of training in the sense that it took a while for dog trainers to really hook onto it. 

  • HD Zuchtwert Breed Value Assessment Number

    The best tool for breeders in the fight against canine hip dysplasia (CHD), to come along in years, is the SV's HD Zuchtwert, or Breed value assessment number (HD ZW). The HD ZW number is an estimation of the probability that a dog will produce progeny with CHD. 

Recently added pedigrees

Nuat vom BrendStar

Nuat vom BrendStar

Inserted:77 minutes ago
Female (2688072)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by luguce


Inserted:79 minutes ago
Male (2688071)
Father: VA (ARG) Spencer von Tronje
Mother: Fress de cicpa
Created by thor


Inserted:112 minutes ago
Female (2688069)
Father: SG Bexter vom tapferen Krieger
Mother: CHENNA Wolkar
Created by Hardbitek9
Felia vom Krausenberg

Felia vom Krausenberg

Inserted:120 minutes ago
Female (2688068)
Father: SG Crok aus der Wallapampa
Mother: G Anka vom Krausenberg
Created by Fantom76
Anka vom Krausenberg

G Anka vom Krausenberg

Inserted:2 hours ago
Female (2688067)
Father: V Balko von der Teufelskehle
Mother: G Vroni vom Krausenberg
Created by Fantom76

Sample premiums

Tevez von Aducht - son of VA5 Whillo vom Klostermo
10:13 05 Sep 2017
V-Auslese Male for saleSold out
04:50 08 Oct 2017
Passat Eqidus puppy here in the US
21:03 08 Oct 2017
United States
gorgeous son of V23 Freddi modithorSold out
21:05 01 Oct 2017
Black Sable Import - Zvv1, KKL1, 5V1/P!
15:45 12 Oct 2017
United States

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