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by Prager on 25 October 2018 - 01:10 Young Female - 100% DDR -

Solid Black Sent by Entwerfer Haus United States US ←→ Posted from United States

  100 I'd prefer she go to someone who is home all day. What I thought started out (day1) to be brave, soon exposed itself as fear aggression. When I first got this pup (day1) she would bark/growl at every little noise. Then, when I'd try to do some training with her in the yard, any sound would spook her (dogs barking, motorcycle). I chalked it up to a new place, strange noises. But that halted any training in the yard. First trip to the vet, she went under the bench and growled at him. Never have a had a dog not like the Vet. I chalked it up to new place, lots of new smells. Second trip to the vet, she hid under the bench and growled at anyone and everyone, even very young pups. Now I know she's got issues. After 1 correct (a sharp 'hey') for using the bathroom in the house, she ran and hid on me. I'm certain there's something not connecting. She will not crate train. She craps and pisses in her crate every single day, eats it and stomps around in it. (5 months old now) First dog I've ever owned that didn't learn their lesson after the first poop and having to be in the crate with it. I'm guessing this must be the environment she came from. She has a super nice home here. She is hyper. It's not high drive, it's run in circles hyper, bounce off the walls hyper. I have to leave her outside often, so that I'm not on my hands and knees 3 and 4 times a day (after working all day and cleaning her filthy crate), cleaning up after her more. There are days (few, here and there, mostly on a weekend), she's the perfect dog and then, like a split personality, she goes on a down slide. She gets my hopes up, only to be let down again and again. It's not her age, it's her disposition. Can she grow out of it? Probably, if you want to put all the work in, have at it. She would probably make a decent pet for someone home all day. She obviously doesn't like when go to work and at this point, she probably doesn't even like me for keeping her outside. I'm sick of living like this day after day, week after week for nearly 3 months now. I don't see her changing for me and I'm exhausted from her bi-polar personality. I'm going across the ocean for a dog. At least they're honest with their guarantees. $2000 + ship and she's your problem.

Young Female - 100% DDR - Solid Black

I would not air ship her, I don't think that helped (even though the 'breeder' swore he never had a problem). I know how they tease dogs and the idiots at the Cleveland airport were bragging about how they tease dogs that are mean or bark. Young Female - 100% DDR - Solid Black : Nadja vom Harter Hund

by joanro on 25 October 2018 - 02:10

Well, looks like they have a history....


This one goes back FIVE years! Wonder what happened to this poor pup...


There needs to be a place for warnings about buyers....breeders have a bash forum, turn about is fair play!


by hexe on 25 October 2018 - 05:10

You know, there comes a point that when everything you do seems to turn to shite, you really ought to consider if perhaps it's the Universe's way of telling you to give up your folly and move on to something else. As far as I can see, Entwerfer Haus, you've been trying to buy pups to be your new stud dog prospect and new brood bitch prospect, and none of the purchases are working out. Heard of the phrase, "Throwing good money after bad"? Sure sounds like that's what you're doing. Betcha you won't fare any better buying something sight unseen from overseas.

by Hundmutter on 25 October 2018 - 07:10

"She would probably make a decent pet for someone at home all day. She doesn't like it when I go to work."

THAT, right there. This is a 5 month old PUPPY. Time was when clued-up people just did not keep a dog if they were out at work a lot of each day. Now they think they have a god-given entitlement to keep dogs, and the dogs should just put up with missing out on the company and training that results.

(And still wind up perfect).


by Lunastar on 25 October 2018 - 10:10

She needs to spend a lot of time outside in a kennel run during the day for training. My Sasha was just like her as a pup and drove me crazy. And I was home with her all the time. Your Nadja needs the outside time to learn that she goes potty outside not in, and that she can be hyper out in her kennel running around wearing herself out all she wants. I did that with my own solid black girl Sasha, and at 1 year old I had her fully potty trained and crate trained. Sasha is 6 years old now and has been staying inside with me for 4 for those years except for potty breaks and daily walks as she is my service dog and helps me out around the house. I no longer have kennels as I have moved into a smaller home so she only goes out when she needs to and on a leash. Sasha has not gone potty inside the house at all since she was potty trained at 1 year old. She is not hyper now as she has a job to do every day and uses up her extra energy.

by joanro on 25 October 2018 - 12:10

The woman said she is "sick and tired of being on her knees cleaning up her filthy crate after being at work all day". Well why would any sane person believe that a puppy can stay in a crate ALL day without having relieve itself? "Day in and day out" , she said. These are not hampsters!!!

And then she blames the breeder for the toll this mistreatment has had on the puppy!!!!

....poor puppy!

by joanro on 25 October 2018 - 12:10

Look at this, from a couple days ago...

by Entwerfer Haus on 16 October 2018 - 09:10

This guy (I won't even bother to call him a breeder) is selling puppies that the parents aren't even registered to him. I'm not sure what the set-up is, but it's more like dog recycling.

He's a crook and will say whatever it takes to 'make the sale'. I received a pup that was supposed to be the 'best', 'confident' and 'workable'.

This puppy is hyper and I mean HYPER, not driven, HYPER and a serious case of fear aggression. From day one I thought she was just 'brave, but that was not the case. She would jump at every little sound (even other dogs barking). I thought she's in a new area, she'll get used to it. As time went on, it just got worse and worse, no matter how much positive reinforcement she got. She would run under a bench at my vet's and growl at anyone and anything. She was riddled with worms and eating her own poop. (yes, she had vet paperwork, but at this point, I'm sure the vet is a 'friend' of his) Who knows if the micro chip is even valid. One more thing I'll have to find out. I tried to see things his way, because I had big plans for this pup (after being led on by another 'reputable' breeder), but day after day and week after week it became painfully obvious. When letting him know my findings, he dismissed it as my problem. The odds of this pup successfully competing in ANY ring is slim to none, without a TON of work. This dog needs a running partner, that's what she would be good at..maybe agility.

After asking for WEEKS, I finally get her paperwork, perhaps I can now find her a home and take a huge loss and probably ruin my chances of restarting my RESPONSIBLE breeding program back up.

I never had a problem with Granit, Grischa (this pair produced many working dogs, including seeing eye) or their daughter Freida. I never had a problem with CC (Grischa's half sister) and she had super high drive, NOT HYPER, drive.

Talk about back yard breeders. I think I've run into most of them US side.

Great job, GSD community! Keep mass producing!

So he takes the money I had left to try to restart my program. Whataguy!



[@ entwerfer Haus:  I hope and pray that you never, EVER breed another litter of dogs, and that the old dogs you have are last that will ever have the misfortune to live in your house of horror! ]

by joanro on 25 October 2018 - 12:10

And this:

by Entwerfer Haus on 16 October 2018 - 22:10

Good job, Joanro! That's what we need more arm chair Psychologists. It's NEVER the breeders fault, ever. 15 years and proven pups, but I have anger issues.***** This pup has an exceptional home,**** [living locked up in a crate all day, day in and day out!] ** regardless of her behavior.*** [Her behavior is caused by your mistreatment!!!] Not that you even know me. Keep up the good work!

PS, comments inside [ ] brackets are mine.


by cherjam81 on 25 October 2018 - 13:10

Omg. Wish I could take this poor pup. Any home is better than she has. Just by the wording of the ad this person has no use for this pup. And then to ask 2000 dollars and she's your problem. What an a$$.

If she had such a great breeding program before why didn't she keep pups of her own breeding?

by Nans gsd on 25 October 2018 - 16:10

I really feel for the poor dog...

I hope she is not bred.  Chances of her passing that temp. on are huge.

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