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 Abréviations PedigreedatabaseBERARD122212 years ago by BERARD >> (goto)
 Question about White ShepherdDiamondgal243172.1 years ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 planned littersMAURI 28184852.1 years ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 Information about Delete functionSourceBlanche191134.3 years ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 Question BBS - pages | 2| 3| Kat8676509274.8 years ago by susie >> (goto)
 White Shepherd RAF ( Royal Air Force) Dog in 1964GSD Lineage1214636.5 years ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 Is the BBI working still?, their website aint available anymore. ILendinez1203826.6 years ago by Les Ecrins de Sirius >> (goto)
 (German) Weißer Schweizer Schäferhund: Informationen zur Rasse (video)GSD Lineage1783347.4 years ago by CelticGlory >> (goto)
 Looking for information about the WSS in Australiawhiteshepherds1965218 years ago by whiteshepherds >> (goto)
 Book about White Swiss Shepherds - pages | 2| riverlandwhites32517118 years ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 REYNAmentayflor2043218.1 years ago by mentayflor >> (goto)
 Is there anyway to register an AKC wGSD/UKC white shepherd with an FCI club?mgarfias2300138.2 years ago by TREBONS >> (goto)
 Misty the White GSD Husky mixDelladog2007428.2 years ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 Website links to PDBSereno1966258.3 years ago by Sereno >> (goto)
 Blanche- Jardin des Lys Blanc. White spirit von den Weissen / Eva de vi Pasay Davydchriis2273328.6 years ago by Sereno >> (goto)
 Can't send PMWhite Diva2297148.6 years ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
 How to undo a change ?WDH2428458.6 years ago by WDH >> (goto)
 MISSING!!! White sheperd! DaphneVR2410938.7 years ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 BSZS 2012bobby9992566128.7 years ago by Sankampang >> (goto)
 Why did the RWS left the BBI?Lendinez2600578.8 years ago by Lendinez >> (goto)


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