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by GSD Lineage on 11 November 2014 - 14:11

Very interesting to get to see color film from the 1960s of these dogs in this PR Film.
White RAF Shepherd in Training

RAF ( Royal Airf Force) Dogs Aka R.A.F. Dogs Beware - Other Colour Pics Share This Title (1964)

Published on Apr 13, 2014 by British Pathé

Debden, Essex.

R.A.F. Dogs Aka RAF Dogs Beware - Other Colour Pics Share This Title (1962)

Very obedient dogs demonstrate tricks and stunts they've learnt at the R.A.F. Police Dog Training School .

Various shots of Alsatians doing an obstacle course - the dogs jump over a fence, through a hoop of fire, through a tunnel, before bursting though a paper screen. Low angle shot of the Alsatians and their masters - the men march, the dogs walk to heel.


by Pioneer Wife on 11 November 2014 - 18:11

Great videos!

"A good horse dog is never a bad color..."

GSD Lineage

by GSD Lineage on 13 November 2014 - 00:11

I caught a bit of this Japanesse Movie that was unknown to me while waiting for pictures from space of that comet that roseta is landing on.
The plot summary is along the lines of your post Pioneer Wife :)
White Shepherd Canine Movie Star

The Dog actor is a Beautiful White Shepherd Dog

Published on Apr 10, 2013
Yusaku Hayakawa (Hayato Ichihara) dreamed of one day becoming a detective. Instead, he now works as a trainer for police dogs at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. One day, Yusaku gets an Albino Shepherd named Shiro who others say can never become a police dog due to a genetic disorder. Nevertheless, Yusaku and Shiro become attached as Yusako trains Shiro to become a guard dog. Sometimes guard dogs are treated as equipement and other times required to become a human shield. Yusaku and female police officer Natsuki (Erika Toda) are against this. A series of explosions then take place ...

Ước mơ của Yusaku Hayakawa (Hayato Ichihara) là trở thành một thám tử giỏi. Nhưng hiện tại anh công việc của anh lại chỉ là một người huấn luyện chó nghiệp vụ. Một ngày, anh gặp được một chú chó giống Albino Shepherd tên là Shiro, nhưng anh được biết Shiro có thể không bao giờ trở thành chó nghiệp vụ được.Yusaku và Shiro nhanh chóng thân thiết và tập luyện cùng nhau. Và rồi một vụ khủng bố xảy ra, họ được điều động để lần theo dấu vết của tên tội phạm..
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