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by Bronxter on 22 May 2023 - 03:05

I share this for friend who is searching for her dog.

Dear GSD-Community,

Today I am asking you for help.

I am searching now, for nearly two years, for my GSD Siva (picture below).

Official name is: Ayla vom Opferstein
Dob: 06.03.2019
VDH/SZ-Nummer: 2355116
Chipnumber: 981189900102479

Father: Eydu vom Bültenräuber
Mother: Nora von Lütje Hörn

If you have seen my girl Siva, or you know where she is, I would be very happy for some info.

Me and the rest of the family, we just want to know if she is okay, if she is still alive, where she is living and maybe with whom.

I will never forgive myself the biggest mistake in my life, giving her away (personal reasons).
I have to get along with the fact, that I will never ever get her back home.
But just the fact to know, how she is, would make our life’s a little bit more bearable.

Please help me, to find our Siva.

Thanks in advance.

If you want to share, go ahead… I can need every little bit of help.

PS: working dog is not up to date, so no big help.

by GSCat on 23 May 2023 - 01:05

That other website was updated May 21, 2023 at 2057 hours. Under the dog's photo, it reads, "for more informations over this nice female send me a message"

by Bronxter on 23 May 2023 - 01:05

Yea, but he doesn´t answer....he sold her probably to the USA. He wont tell my friend where the dog is now....
the working-dog update: he deleted himself as owner.

by GSCat on 24 May 2023 - 00:05

If the dog was sold to someone in the US, maybe try going through AKC.

Or whatever registry she was registered on when your friend had her.

Or maybe even the chip company. They probably wouldn't release new owner info, but might relay a message since she was a previous owner and has the chip number.

Depending on how long ago the dog was sold, just keep coming back to PDB and WD to see if the new owner has put her in the database due to puppies (or maybe an owner of a puppy puts her in so the puppy can be put into PDB). Then PM the user that put her in. Also keep checking ads on PDB for puppies or the dog, herself.

Maybe contact the breeder you got her from.  Someone may have had occasion to contact Ayla's breeder.  Ditto Veterinarians you and your breeder used.

And, keep searching for her on search engines to see if she's on a breeder's website, social media, shows/competitions, images, etc.


by Bronxter on 24 May 2023 - 04:05

Thats the answer from my friend:

"Dear GSCat, thanks for your advice and tips, but i already tried every possible way. I am in contact with the breeders for nearly two years, even they did not get any informations about the current location of the dog. the chip company, nor AKC is giving any informations, where she is.

So, please don't think I am lazy or whatever... I tried everything!
Now I am needing help from others... so, if you know or seen Siva.. please reach out to me. I just want to know
- is she still alive
- how is she doing
- where is she living and
- in what constellation is she living (with family, or single person household, is she doing sports, etc.)
- and maybe a picture from her, how she is looking right now.

thanks in advance!

PS: The guy who bought her from me, is not cooperating in any way... 🙁"

by GSCat on 24 May 2023 - 15:05

Never thought lazy.

Just trying to help. Sometimes easy to overlook a possibility.


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