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by Kiara1125 on 10 October 2020 - 18:10


My GSD passed the GSDCA Temperament Test on September 13th and I'm just wondering on average how long it takes for the clubs to send the results to OFA and how long it takes to process for CHIC. I was looking on OFA and some GSDs passed the test in 2018 or 2019 and the results weren't submitted until 2020. This obviously concerns me because I don't want it to take forever to show up for my dog. lol

Please share your experiences for how long it took for the GSDCA Temperament Test results to pop up under your dog's profile on OFA!


by Sersi73 on 10 October 2020 - 21:10

Took awhile for my club to do so. Took another club only a couple of weeks. Have you tried contacting your club and asking?

by NorthwindsGS on 12 October 2020 - 21:10

One club we tested with took six months just to send the results in. Another club took 3 weeks. OFA issued a number fairly quickly once the had all the info.


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